Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Prayers Needed for Husbands of Two Friends

We all know the power of prayer, and especially the power of several folks praying for the same reason. Two of my friends are in need of prayers for their husbands. A lot of my friends need prayers, but these are the most immediate, for now.

One friend has a husband who has been dealing with a painful situation for many years. They moved from NV back to NY to be near to family for support and to a specific doctor. Lately, he has been in more pain than ever. It is constant. In addition, she has major back issues but has declined back surgery for several reasons. This couple is barely holding on, emotionally and physically.

The other friend's husband was just rushed to the hospital last night. He had an intestinal obstruction caused by a hernia, and the trauma aggravated his heart and COPD issues. At first, last night, she was given the impression they expected him to be all right. Now I find that throughout the day, she has spoken to the hospital five times, and each time, they tell her something else that is bad news.  This man was in a hospice situation twice, I think, in the past couple of years, but as tough as he is, each time it takes something else out of him - these medical issues take their toll and weaken him. She was just getting her Thanksgiving menu ready because she was going to have a few family members in next week.

If you have a moment tonight, please send up a quick prayer on their behalf?  These two ladies are generous-hearted not only to their own, but to anyone else they know to be in need. 

Father, please hear the prayers of your people who care enough to pray for others. Watch over these two households especially, and send them all the grace and blessings they need to get through these tough times and to ease their concerns.  If it be according to your will, send healing as quickly as possible.

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