Monday, October 28, 2013

Unbelievable Resolution to SSDI Overpayment

Unbelievable - we spent a worrisome weekend over this "overpayment" letter (see yesterday's post). I called them this morning really early.  Ready for this? They said that this was all "old news."

Apparently, they caught this along the way and adjusted it so that the last small check we received, about two weeks ago, was smaller than it would have been because of the adjustment.

Bottom line? All is well for the monthly check, except perhaps for $150 for the student loan.

On the student loan, they are trying to stop that one deduction and hold it all off until they receive the doctor's papers which we will get filled out on Wednesday's visit, but they can't guarantee they can do it in time. Still, for me, that's small enough and I can deal with it - it still leaves me a workable amount on Frank's behalf this month...

Mostly, Frank and I are still walking around talking to ourselves, wondering why they even bothered to send that letter, two weeks after they had already corrected the issue - scared us out of our wits. Go figure...

Oh, and the "overpayment" was in their calculation of the SSI. Apparently, they granted SSI and Medicaid for the period of June 1 through September 30 - but why couldn't they have just stated that all in one letter? I have 6 letters on that subject, and when I get the next one saying they straightened it out (probably 3 weeks from now), it will make 7 letters where one would have worked. But then, for them, I guess it's job security.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for hearing my prayer last night and for finding us an SS rep on the phone today who could tell us in plain language what happened. You are always there for us, one way or another. I go to sleep tonight filled with gratitude.  

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