Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heat Affecting My Posts

Because of the extreme heat the past few days here in Las Vegas, I will probably not be posting often. We are hitting 116 and even 118 in some neighborhoods. My home is an older mobile home. Even though we had a lot of weatherization improvements made last year, this mobile home is 35+ years old and does not have the quality of insulation newer models have.

My computer is in the back bedroom, the hottest room in the house. Not only are we hitting above-average double digits during the day, it does not go below 90 at night. This means it never really cools down. I do not want to wear out the fan in my PC tower. So, bear with me.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to begin posting again. I've got some funny things to share, and some interesting things to share.

For all my local friends, stay cool and be wise about staying hydrated. Do NOT touch bare metal outside. I remember one of the years when we hit the 115 before. When I turned on the key in the ignition of our van at that time, it raised a huge blister on my finger! I'll be back, very soon.

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