Thursday, June 13, 2013

Examples of His Mysterious Ways - Our Home

As I've mentioned often, through the years I have seen things work out in seemingly impossible situations and circumstances. I turn over my problems to the Lord and I try to keep busy. I get out of his way as much as possible. I help to resolve the situation as much as I can. And, mere mortal that I am, I do worry off and on during this time. I think I'll spend the next few days sharing a few specific examples.

I can remember when we were looking for a mobile home. I had taken my 401K back in 2001 when a government contract ended. I had put in a mere 6 years but between that plan and their pension plan, at age 59, I had about 25k. To me that was a fortune. I would never have a chance again to do this. It was not enough for a real home, but with a mobile, I could at least sell it later if need be.
We checked out a few homes. We needed at least 2 bedrooms, but were flexible on other features. We thought we had a deal going on one for just 15k, and were ready to sign the papers. We gave notice, rather testily, at our apartment complex. This complex had steadily gone downhill. We were living beneath a 30-something couple with 4 boys between 5 and 14. They skateboarded over our heads. They dribbled basketballs up there. They had 2 pit bulls and 4 ball python snakes. The lights on the pathways between the buildings were always being put out by teens tossing rocks at them at night. The man next door sold drugs to teens. We had told all this to management with no relief. So, we spelled all this out in our letter breaking the final few months on the lease.

A day or so before signing the papers for the mobile, something nagged at us. The seller kept distracting us every time we mentioned going to the park office to register. We decided we should do this. We found out that he had no broker's license and was forbidden to sell in that park. We found out that the extra bedroom he promised to add on could not be added, among other things. We were terrified. We had given notice at the complex. We had only a few weeks to get out. We were so sure this place was what we wanted and needed.

I prayed, of course. I was bewildered. In less than a week, we saw a classified for another home. This one was far bigger than the first, in a much nicer park. It was 22k but we needed some of my funds for the move and to pay off bills before the move. We had no credit and no way of getting the difference. The owner agreed to carry back 7k.

Bottom line: this home has been our delight and comfort since 2001. God led us to what he knew we needed, not what we thought we wanted.

This is just one instance of his mysterious ways in my life, but one I try to remember at dark times such as those we are enduring now.

Sweet Jesus, I know you are working on the solution to our problems. Please bless us with the strength to be patient while you get it all together. We trust your judgment completely.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this testimony Evelyn! It is truly a blessing that you got out of that apartment! That was terrible to live there I'm sure!~ Praise HIS Name~ ♥♥♥