Sunday, May 19, 2013

My First Digital Bookmark Sale!

I am so excited. Today I made my first digital Bible Verse bookmark sale from my Etsy shop. I made the buyer an offer, just now. In exchange for feedback, I'll make her a special free set with up to 4 verses of her choice.

I'm going to add that offer, in my shop and in the bookmark description, to the first 25 buyers of these items. I will be updating that info before I go to bed tonight.

With the feedback,
the buyer will agree to let me use the comments in any promo or description I prepare. I will, of course, ensure privacy by letting them choose whether to simply use initials, or just a city and state, or a city and country.

I'm in the middle of the second set - I've already worked up one for Isaiah 40:31 and the 23rd Psalm. But frankly, I have a list of about a dozen other faves of mine and am having a hard time deciding on which ones to use for my next set.

This is SO much fun, and I hope it will catch on and be uplifting for the buyers, as well.

For Etsy shop owners, digital files are a wonderful item to stock. You prepare something - a report, an eBook, a poster, whatever. You put it in your shop, and NOW, on Etsy, you upload the .pdf. Your buyer simply pays and is given an immediate link to download the item. Once you have done the initial work - design, content, shop description - you are done. And you do not need to keep re-listing. Just put 100 in "stock" and when you get down to, say, 10, up the quantity available again. These days, Etsy only charges a listing fee for one of these at a time. How great is that?  

I make sure I give a lot of bang for the bucks a buyer spends. They are low-priced, just $2.50, because I want to sell lots of them. For this, they not only get 4 bookmarks, but also additional pages in the file with 4 of EACH on a single page. This way, they can choose to print just one verse at a time, depending on their needs.   


Anonymous said...

they really sound good to have,,,,I would like to get my Mom a set but shes not got a computer,,,,..or my son....They are pretty too,,,,,,I hope things are better....

Evelyn Mayfield said...

It would be so easy for you to print them out from your own computer and then mail them a didn't leave an email addy so I have no way of contacting you with other suggestions...and thanks for the good wishes for the future...