Saturday, May 11, 2013

Distribution to Preemie Unit at Local Hospital

Preemie Blankets
Our charity crafting efforts since October were centered on the local homeless. Living and sleeping on that concrete chilled by our cold desert winter, they needed our crocheted and knitted hats, gloves and scarves.

When it warmed at night out here in Vegas, we switched to making preemie things.

Thursday, my nephew helped me carry in three 13-gallon kitchen trash bags filled with the following, for a local preemie unit...

Preemie Hats 72 (plus 1 normal baby hat)
Preemie Blankets 46
Baby Blankets 9

We always get a smile out of how small these things are. They look like doll clothes. We keep our little hats to 4" across at the opening. Preemie hats should fit on an apple. And we keep our blankets to about 18" square, something I saw recommended on a website.

Hopefully, we can make another drop in a few months.

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