Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Friday and Good Thoughts and Works

Pretzel Crosses
Our Friday morning charity crafting group is small (just a few of us) but we are a cozy group. Last week, we wondered about whether we should meet tomorrow, Good Friday. Years ago, each of us would have been attending various services at various churches. We decided to meet, as usual.

Looking at our decision, I think it makes a great deal of good sense, for us. For those two hours (10 a.m. to Noon), we crochet (or knit or sew) items for the local needy. What better way to focus our thoughts on this memorable morning. We each still have the entire afternoon and evening for more spiritual methods of commemorating this day.

Resurrection Rolls
I wanted so badly to make a few things to take with me tomorrow. My Pinterest board, “Easter – Lent- Spring DIYs,” has links to things that are easy, like cross pretzels and resurrection rolls, pictured here. However, I didn’t get the supplies in time. We always have a snack on these mornings, and these would have been perfect as yet another way to focus on the meaning of the day.

We can comfort ourselves with the knowledge that we are attempting to do his work by making these things for the needy.

Sweet Jesus, tomorrow marks the saddest day in Christendom. Our hearts and souls go out to you and we ask for forgiveness for what you had to do to save us. Thank you for your deep love for all of us, and fill us with love for our fellow humans, that we may follow your lead.

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