Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Pattern for Crocheted Short Rib Edging

Out of necessity, as it often happens, I developed an edging that works well with lumpy or unusual edges for yarn projects. I inherited a bag of not-very-well finished-off granny squares and had decided to use them for scarves for our charity crafting efforts for the local homeless.

Joining the 5" squares to make a scarf was a challenge in itself because of various edging problems. These included stitches which varied between tight and loose, or which were knotty lumps. Once joined, it was long and skinny and not very useful as it was.

I tried working a row of DC's up the long sides and SC's across the short sides. That didn't fix it completely because the edging tended to roll in upon itself. I designed the 2nd row as I went, this time for sheer stability.

Free Crochet Pattern for Short Rib Edging

(For lumpy edges or for patterns with blocks - e.g., granny squares, shells, or clusters of any sort; also for long, skinny projects lacking stability)

An experienced beginner should be able to do it.
Use same hook size and yarn weight as in finished project
ss slip stitch
sc single crochet
dc double crochet
hdc half double crochet
blo back loop only
flo front loop only
Join with ss in corner space; 3 sc; turn to start down long side
Row 1 -
Long side - dc in same space; dc in tops of next block of stitches, dc in space between blocks, and continue across to end of long side

Corner - 3 sc in corner space

Short side - sc across short end, placing a sc in the top of each stitch of each block and one sc in space between blocks, to long side

Repeat corner, long-side, corner, short side - join to beginning sc with ss

Row 2-
Long side - hdc in blo of dc; dc in flo of next dc; alternate across

Corner - sc, 3 sc in center sc, sc

Short side - sc across

Repeat corner, long side, corner, short side; join to beginning sc; fasten off.

If anyone would like a .pdf file of the pattern, rather than trying to print it from the blog, contact me at emayfieldz (at) aol (dot) com and put the pattern name in the subject line.

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