Thursday, February 14, 2013

Benefits of Being a Cup-Half-Full Person

I try hard to get over life's hurdles without tripping. I tend to be a cup-half-full person, and that is something that works to my advantage.

Take today, and yesterday, for example.

Yesterday, there were car issues. Our not-yet-paid-for 2001 Saturn had been making funny noises that we suspected came from the bearings. Yesterday was my Social Security day. We had been hearing the noises for several days but had to wait until the funds were in. The problem turned out to be an axle/hub issue, $500+ of work. It was a whopping big amount out of my SSA, but the car sounds and feels great now.

Ok. I've got some friends who would immediately see this as a downer, having to put that money out. But the cup-half-full person inside of me immediately reminded me that we were lucky to have heard those noises and prepared to take the car in as soon as the SSA was in. That part of me was grateful for the warning sounds and for being able to still drive the car until we could take it in. It was also grateful that I had the money in there, at that moment, to pay for the repair. As for what it did to the bills for this month, I'll deal with that as need be. I am grateful it was no worse than it was.

Today, there was another issue. For months, I've been having internet connection problems and I was silently blaming the provider because my connection kept going in-and-out. I'd be on and in the middle of a post or email, and it would disconnect. Other times, I spent an hour, plugging and unplugging the wireless adapter and USB port connectors into each other, over and over, counting to 10 between connect/disconnect, hoping that letting it "breathe" would make it connect. Finally, after I made up my mind to call the provider early next week, 2 days ago, the error message I was getting changed from just "not connected, etc." to something about one of the devices being used "malfunctioning" - man, I hate that word. So that meant that either my USB cord, or the little cigarette-pack-size adapter that it plugs into, was bad.

Today, around 11:30am, I finally grabbed the two of them, threw them into a baggie, zipped it shut, and went shopping. I went to Wal-Mart first - thank heaven, the gal there was knowledgeable and when I showed the pieces to her, she readily told me that they did not carry them and to try an electronics place like Radio Shak or Best Buy. Her info saved me a lot of leg work, up and down the cramped aisles, looking at all the zillion components.

Office Max was in the same shopping center, so I hit there next. Again, I lucked out with the staff. One gal saw me with the USB cord in my hand (I had already found that, for $20), and asked if I needed help. As soon as I explained and showed her the parts, she reached around and grabbed what I needed. They've upgraded the thingies and I only needed one package, not both pieces. Came to $43 but as soon as I came home and loaded the accompanying CD, it was up and running and has stayed happy and connected ever since. I am SO, SO happy!!!!!

Again, some folks would focus on the irritation and frustration of the situation. Thank heaven I was able to see the positive side. I actually read the error message and noticed the word "malfunction" recently added. Normally, if I see the same message over and over, I disregard it. Also, I was extremely fortunate in running into two very helpful, very knowledgeable staff members at both stores.

Yep, life is a whole lot easier and a whole lot happier when my cup is half-full!  

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Cathy said...

I always give the Good LORD credit for such blessings as you've had, and I know it is your faith that gives you that half full outlook! ♥♥♥