Friday, March 2, 2012

Trying to Extend My Limits

Interesting evening. I have major problems with my left knee and with my right foot. For this reason, these days, if I must walk further than from a store front to the car, or roughly more than 100 feet, I have trouble. I now use a quad cane for support. I have sorely missed the way I used to be able to walk (comfortably), the distance I used to be able to cover and enjoy (miles at a time).

Tuesday, when Frank, my nephew, was "let go" from his job, he decided to throw off his frustration that evening by walking through our mobile home community for a short distance. He has not walked in months. His job was in a small kitchen in a sandwich shop and movements were very limited. He is walking the equivalent of four "city blocks" a night, now. Tonight was his fourth night. He mentioned that when he starts out, it is difficult for him (he has severe arthritis and next-to-no-circulation in his legs), but when he finishes, he is walking more upright and feeling good about it. He has pain but he says the pain is a good pain.

Tonight I decided to grab my quad cane and walk a little when he went for his session. He made me take my prepaid cell and he carried his, because he was afraid I'd need to call him and get him to come for me in the car.

I walked the little mild 'uphill' grade first, figuring that going downhill when I finished would be easier on me. I planned to walk, total, about one to one-and-a-half city blocks. By the time I got to the top of the grade, I was not only winded but beginning to worry that I might have chosen too long a route for my first night. I was glad I had the phone with me. I was seriously thinking of calling him. By the time I rounded the top of the grade and started back down, I was still winded but realizing that I could probably make it home without his help.

I did make it home and climbed the steps to the porch, resting there until he finished and joined me.

I am really glad I took that walk tonight. I will try to do it every night but I'd prefer to walk in daylight. At 72, seeing obstacles on the dark road surface at night is not as easy as it once was.

I noticed that I was limping less after I got into the house, and only now, several hours later, am I beginning to limp again. That few hours of upright walking which resulted from my trip was a good feeling.

Father, thank you for the motivation you sent my way, encouraging me to try to walk a little. Even though I might not ever be able to walk as much as I did just four or five years ago, I am happy I can do as much as I did tonight.

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