Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Question for Crafters who Work with Yarn (Fun Fur)

I have made several things in the past year with a fun fur trim, including fingerless gloves. I have cautioned folks who buy these from me, and anyone I give them to, to hand wash them.

I am planning to use a lot more of this "fun fur," "eyelash" yarn, and similar products.

QUESTION: Have any of you used it yourselves to the extent that you have washed something that is made, at least 50%, of these novelty yarns?

I've been wondering if, after a wash or two, all that "shag" and "eyelash" and "fur" stuff comes off, leaving a very skinny strand. To me, this would mean a complete altering of the structure of the item made.

I suppose I could make a small swatch, about the size of a coaster, and grab a plastic bowl that I do not need for anything else, and hand wash the swatch. I could do that at least six times and see how it holds up.

I might just do that. When I do, I'll let you all know how these products stand up to a reasonable amount of washing (by hand). This ought to be interesting.

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