Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY Valentine Projects - 4 Sweet Heart Treats

Ok, here are 4 different Valentine treats that also make nice gifts. They are all reasonably easy to make. I'll list them all separately and give the link to each tutorial. Skim through the post at each link and make the one(s) you find best suited to your household or your gift list.
Please forgive the clumsy photo. This was my first attempt at putting 4 different photos together.

Conversation Bark is posted at TheDecoratedCookie at this link, and written by Meaghan. There is no baking required, just a microwave. The few ingredients needed are easy to find. This one's easy enough even for me to make. Aren't they cute?

Conversation Heart Pops is another cute tutorial and it is over at SweetSimpleStuff at this link. This one, too, doesn't require baking, just a little melting. Everything is easy to find at either your grocery store's baking section or at a craft shop. I love how Brenda rigged up a pop-drying rack from a plastic leftovers container.

Cupids Arrow Chocolates are really cute and found at JensOwnRoad at this link. They, too, do not require baking, just a little melting and cutting. Jen mentions at least three products you can use to make the red arrows, so be sure to read each brief paragraph completely or you'll miss the tips.

Heart Milk Cubes are the absolute easiest of the 4 treats and you can find the tutorial at ASubtleRevelry at this link. Be sure to scroll down when Victoria's page opens. At first, the photo appears to be blank - just keep going. Again, no baking. Are these great or what? These don't even require melting or any cooking at all. And they are so adorable. I can see these in everything from milk to hot chocolate or cold cereal. These are eventually frozen so they can't be shipped or carried long distances, but they are so cute for quickies.

All of these projects were found in my daily e-newsletters from CraftGossip.

This is part of my series (1/15-2/14) of Valentine projects.

For other projects in this series, just look along the right sidebar for the label "Valentine Projects." I will post only tips that do not require knitting, crocheting, machine sewing, tatting, embroidery, or any other skilled technique.

If you are feeling lazy, check my Etsy shop for items for your gift list.

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