Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Easter/Spring - Felt Daffodils

Although I am sharing a great quick-and-easy project for Spring, in general, I have decided to skip doing any DIYs for Easter, on the whole. The reasons are in a post I wrote last week about my Pre-Lenten Thoughts. After you read that post, you'll know why I will be avoiding baby ducks and chicks and bunnies.

I might, however, post other DIYs for Easter and/or Spring, but they will be only when, and if, I find something that fits with my way of celebrating Easter this year. Perhaps angels, or crosses, or woven palm projects for Palm Sunday, or similar projects.

I hope you understand.

Meanwhile, there were many gift ideas in my Christmas DIY series of 97 projects and in my Valentine's Day DIY series of 31 projects. Lots of those are also suitable for Easter, I am sure. I'm going to try to gather them onto one page so you can quickly skim through the photos and click on what interests you. Be patient with me on that - I have no idea of how to even begin.

Tonight, I had to share this great tutorial with you. These flowers would be wonderful for Easter and Spring and even Mother's Day. A single bloom or a whole arrangement - it's up to you.

The tutorial is over at WhileSheNaps, at this link. Abby includes a downloadable template for the blossom's parts, so it can't be any easier than that. Her tutorial includes excellent photos and great text tips.

Although she use a small amount of machine stitching, she explains that hand-sewing works, too. For me, needle-and-thread-challenged as I am, I might try something like Liquid Stitch or one of the newer adhesive products for part of the stitching, whatever will work with felt.

I just fell completely in love with these. I think you will, too.

I found these in one of my daily emails from CraftGossip.

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