Friday, January 20, 2012

DIY Valentine Projects - Printable Gift Box

Tonight I found a page of free printables, some of which are for Valentine's Day. There is a Valentine wreath but my favorite is a "favor" or gift box. The box assembles to about 7 inches long. This size can hold a lot of goodies or one decent-size goody. The download is at MyGraphico at this link. It is for personal use only!

If you are reading this, you have a PC, and probably a printer. I love things like this which can be printed right in our homes. Cardstock is so easy to get these days, too.

I was thinking of all the things that could fit into this box. Candies, of course, come to mind. But jewelry does, too. Cash would fit easily as well. The simplest gifts look so much better in an attractive box like this.

This site also offers other printables for Valentine's Day, as well. The main gallery with thumbnails to click on is at this link. I noticed a heart wreath that can be printed, plus some bookmarks and cards.

This project was found in one of my daily e-newsletters from CraftGossip.

This is part of my series (1/15-2/14) of Valentine projects.

For other projects in this series, just look along the right sidebar for the label "Valentine Projects." I will post only tips that do not require knitting, crocheting, machine sewing, tatting, embroidery, or any other skilled technique.

If you are feeling lazy, check my Etsy shop for items for your gift list.

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