Monday, December 12, 2011

Prayers Requested for Johnny

A little over two years ago, I had asked for prayers for a special little boy. Back then, here's what I wrote:

"And most of all, even with my just-about-70-yr-old body's twinges and troubles, I am still in better shape that a dear friend's 9 year old boy. Little Johnny has had his share of troubles and still smiles. As his mother explains, 'Johnny was down 32 mins. at birth and has cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, is fed by a G-J tube and is above 6 mos. old cognitively. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and big smiles and laughs.' He went through a terrible time when they inserted a trach tube early this year. Now, he's having some new difficulties - seizures, major pain that even his angelic smile cannot mask, and more. Please keep this little fellow and his beloved family in your prayers? "

Johnny is now 12 and in serious pain and facing several weeks of even more restrictions. His sedentary condition causes his bones to be soft and very vulnerable. He just suffered a break above his knee during a wheelchair transfer. After surgical insertion of two pins, and major pain, this child who always smiles, did not smile for days.

His mother explained the sadness of the situation:
"He has plaster under his leg from the thigh to the tip of his toes. The top of his leg is wrapped in a splint-like fashion with an Ace bandage. We all felt the full cast would be just too much for him to handle for 6 weeks.
We have to be extremely careful when moving him, positioning him, changing him, etc. If the pins move or don't take well, Johnny will have to have another surgery with a plate, pins and screws. Please pray for Johnny. He can ... have some very rough pain ... and is pretty much bed bound for weeks until the surgeon gives us an ok for movement.... We feel SO bad for him to have this happen just before Christmas."

If you can spare a moment for a prayer for this little fellow, please do.

Lord Jesus, this special child has endured so much already in his life. I ask that you have mercy on him and bless him and his family abundantly that Johnny, his sister, and his mom and dad can enjoy the peace and love of this special season. Smile upon them even as Johnny smiles upon us.

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