Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Honesty is Still Alive

Today was a day of ups and downs. One "up" was a good visit with my primary care physician. I haven't been there for almost a year. Back then, my blood pressure was running high and I was on meds for that. During the summer, our household hit a financial downturn and I haven't renewed the prescription or taken the meds for almost four months. However, I've been trying to watch my food intake with that in mind. Today, my BP was only 122, which is great for me. He agreed I do not need to go back on those meds.

However, my cholesterol is sort of high - 258. We agreed I would try to bring that, too, down on my own, and he'll check again in April. All in all, it was a good visit.

Later this morning, some things went flooey for us. Yeh, I know "flooey" isn't a word, but it works for me right now. Anyhow, I was a bit down for a short while when my nephew came home from his short shift today. He picked me up and we ran a few errands. When I got back into the house, there was a mysterious message on the phone.

Before my sis passed away in October, 2009, she had been in and out of one particular hospital which her long term care center was affiliated with. The call was from the Social Services rep for that facility, and she left her number. I was really concerned. If they needed any info from back then, I had no clue where to look for the appropriate papers right now.

What she wanted, however, amazed me. She said they had found something of my sister's and wanted to know if I wanted it returned to me. What was it? It was $2.50 in cash.

I could not believe how sincere and honest this woman was. How easy it would have been for her to just drop it in her purse or pocket. I told her how much her honesty touched me. I also said that I did not want it back but that she should just treat whichever patient needed a lift the most to a soda or something from the vending machine.

I am still in awe of that woman's integrity. Do not ever let anyone infect you with the belief that people are not honest these days. Here is one woman who disproves that completely.

Father, please bless this woman abundantly, and remind us often that if we but open our hearts and minds, we can see the good all around us.

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