Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas - Cookies in a Jar

There are tons of cookies mixes to give in a jar, but this one looks especially appealing because of the layering of the ingredients. It is so appealing that I'd almost be tempted to just leave it on display as a part of kitchen decor. Be sure to read my note further in this post about one of the main ingredients - caster sugar and some other tips. This is part of my ongoing series (9/21-12/24) of handmade Christmas gift ideas.

This one is posted by Abby at this link, on ThingsForBoys. I found it in my daily e-newsletter from CraftGossip.

There is no name for these cookies in the post, but the ingredients are yummy just in the reading, and there is a lot of good stuff in there. I'd call them "Everything Good Cookies," if I were to name them.

Here are a few things to remember when you check this one out.

Caster Sugar is a very fine sugar used in the UK. An online search shows that C&H makes a "baking sugar" that compares to the caster sugar. It is sold in a carton. Domino 10X or ExtraFine is not quite fine enough.

Also, Abby recommends a 1L jar which is approximately 4 cups, to save your brain from overload.

At the post, there is a link to download a file with printable labels/tags. They print 3 to a page and they include the baking instructions plus the 3 extra ingredients needed for the cookies.

I've left a comment asking how many cookies the recipe makes, and if I get a reply, I'll add a note in a comment to this post.

For other projects in my series, just look along the right sidebar for the label "Christmas Gift Projects." I hope to post only tips that do not require knitting, crocheting, machine sewing, tatting, embroidery, or any other skilled technique.

If you are feeling too crushed for time to make your own gifts this season, check my Etsy shop for items for your gift list.


Evelyn Mayfield said...

Abby tells me the recipe makes about 2-3 dozen cookies, depending on how big you make them. They spread when baking.

She says that a 1 quart jar works very well to hold everything nicely.

thingsforboys said...

Hi Evelyn, if you don't have access to caster sugar, regular white sugar would be fine too. Abby xx