Sunday, August 7, 2011

Angels in the Kitchen, Angels Everywhere

I finally listed a project I dearly love, the Angel Dishcloth, in my Etsy shop. I want to reorganize, eventually, and have a shop section for angels only. For now, I've placed this one in the Kitchen. This pattern is a delight to work with.

Unlike many crafters, I try to receive permission, wherever possible, to sell items made from a pattern. This was a free pattern that I found in one of my Talking Crochet newsletters. You can sign up for the newsletter at this link. They are affiliated with Annie's Attic. The link for the free pattern is here.

I promised the newsletter publisher that I would include a proper credit line in the shop's description of the cloth, and I did. The line, in case any of you want to do right by pattern designers, reads like this:
"Pattern by Edna Howell, courtesy of Talking Crochet Newsletter (available at; Made with love by Evelyn Mayfield."

They ask that you DO NOT MASS-produce, sell or copy this pattern. I have no problem with that, or with giving credit where it is due.

I had a hard time pricing this one. I finally decided on $7.50 because it does use cotton worsted which is gobbled up quickly in crochet, and because of its size and quality. I noticed quite a few angel dishcloths in Etsy, all priced lower, but none as large or as sweet.

I always have a hard time with this pattern. I don't have difficulty crocheting the angel, but I can never decide how to use it. I just cannot make myself wash dishes with my angels. So I included a mention in my shop for other uses, those which I have used myself, for this heavenly delight:
Hotpads for warm bowls of buns, breads or rolls
Doily beneath small vase, small bowl of fruit, mints or nuts
Framed for a kitchen hanging or elsewhere in the home
Prayer cloth to comfort someone in distress

I hope some of my own dilemmas and my own solutions and credit-where-it-is-due philosophy helps other crafters with similar concerns.

As always, when crafting, above all else, enjoy it!

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