Saturday, September 18, 2010

Free Pattern - Evie's Popcorn Trimmed Beverage Cozy

I love this pattern and am posting it here and, hopefully, on Crochet Pattern Central, and maybe on Ravelry. It is not only great for the HHH (hazy, hot, humid) days of summer, but also for winter when the heat of the house makes the iced drinks "sweat." They look cute in holiday colors. They are also great for get-togethers when you can not only let your guests use them, but let them take them home! Special thanks to my special "testers."

If you'd like a .pdf version of this pattern, please email me at emayfieldz (at) aol (dot) com with "free cozy pdf" in subject line.

Evie's Beverage Cozy
(c)2010 Evelyn Mayfield

When I adapted this from a friends' pattern, with her permission, I chose the popcorn stitch for the top row. The popcorns keep hands from sliding up the can, bottle or glass.

Skill Level
Advanced Beginner

H hook
Cotton worsted (such as Peaches & Creme), small amount - a 2 or 2-1/2 oz ball usually makes 3 cozies, depending on your tension.

4 dc = 1 inch
2 dc rows = 1 inch

Special Stitches
5 sc in same st; remove hook, leaving loop intact and insert hook in first sc of the 5, grab loop of fifth sc and pull through the first sc, drawing snugly to create popcorn
BLO (Back Loop Only)
Instead of inserting your hook through both loops in the stitch, just insert it in the back loop only, and then do your yarn over.

Do not turn your project. It is worked joining each round with a slip stitch
Ch 4 and join
R1 - Ch 3 (counts as 1st DC now and throughout), 11 dc; join to top of ch 3 (12 dc in ring)
R2 - Ch 3; dc in same st as ch 3; 2 dc in ea st around; join to top of ch 3 (24 dc)
R3 - Ch 1; sc in BLO of ea st; join with sl st to ch 1
R4 to 9 - Ch 3; dc in ea st; join to top of ch 3
R10 (Popcorn row) - Ch 1, *sc in ea of next 2 dc; popcorn in next st** (repeat around for 8 popcorns); sc in last 2 dc; join to top of ch 3.
Fasten off

You may use my pattern to make gifts or to sell the cozies, but you may not sell the pattern. If you sell the cozies, you must, in some way (tag, label, etc.) give me credit as the designer. This pattern should never end up somewhere without my name on it.

Adapted from pattern by Patti Brothers

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