Monday, April 26, 2010

Useless Thoughts

Many times, I find my mind dwelling on my life's issues. Sometimes, I fantasize about what I could say if given the chance to voice my opinion on a matter. Other times, I think about what I should have said, now that it's too late. Still other times, I have pretend conversations, practicing my "script" for when the moment arrives, if it ever does.

I really am annoyed at myself for those moments. They are usually more than moments. Sometimes ten or fifteen minutes go by and I realize I did nothing but entertain these useless thoughts. Useless is the right word, I am certain.

Most times, if I'm thinking about a possible future opportunity to say these things, I never get a chance to say them, or when the time comes, I say something totally different, something completely unrehearsed. Forget about the "I should have said's" - they are completely useless.

Today I decided I've had my fill of useless thoughts. I can do nothing until, and if, the time arrives. So, I will try, the next time I'm daydreaming about my wonderfully wise words, to pray as quickly as possible that they just disappear and allow me to use my mind for more useful efforts.

Lord, please clear my mind of useless thoughts, and guide my thoughts and words in the way you want them to go; I trust you much more than I trust myself.


mearsdonna said...

Hey Evie, Donna here. when you had to replace your van, I mentioned I had one too that had 308,000 miles. well it died we are opting to put a used engine in installed for a total of $2,500.. that was 3 of 3 of as in things happen in three's. the fist was my youngest son got another dui he has spent a year in prison and had just gotten off parole... he is looking at time unless God does a mighty work and miracle in him. second my daughter whom was living with me to help take care of my 90 year old Dad was coming home after a night out drunk... scared a CNA who was there for my Dad..the CNA rushed out got in her car and called the police. within minutes there were 7 police cars because there had been some home invasions lately in our town...thinking this was another one. so here I am at work reading your useless thoughts. I have so many useless thoughts only God sees the big picture with my children (I have 3 and all are alcoholics) Of course I am semi recovered 10 years, their dad whom I am divorced from...well he tries. I can't help them, but as a mother and a fixer... what can i say. I am just so sad. this is not the life I wanted for them or me, but Your prayer of Lord please clear my mind of useless thougths and guide my thoughts and words in the way you want them to go; i trust you much more than I trust myself. sure helps thanks again for your willingness to share.

Kelly L said...

Nothing is useless - there are purposes for everything I believe. My "useless thoughts" help to work things out in my mind.. and many times when something comes up - I can find an "useless thought" to make it better... I am a day dreamer - aren't we all?

Love to you