Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tiny Miracles

A few days ago, I posted about a little bit of heaven in my day.

Yesterday, I should have posted about another little miracle. We had worried, my middle-aged nephew and I, that he might have macular degeneration of his right eye. He is a cab driver this past year. Prior to that, he has always been a cook or chef. Both types of work require decent eyesight.

After much, much prayer, we went for an eye exam. We knew he needed new prescription lenses anyway, his last being over 9 years old. Normally, he only needs them for reading, so he's been making do with over-the-counter reading glasses.

The exam gave us good news and bad news. The good news is that it is not macular degeneration. That means it will not get worse, it is not a steadily degenerating condition. The bad news is that it is a retinal occlusion (blood clot of a retinal artery). Still, that is not horrible.

We need another appointment, this time with an ophthalmologist, to see if they can dissolve the clot (it might be past that possibility). Even if it is too late for that, it will not get worse, and he sees well enough for what he needs to do. His left eye is great, and his right eye, except for the moderate tunnel-vision, will work well enough.

We are very blessed. Still it is a heads' up. We need to check his cholesterol and other matters to be sure other clots aren't thrown elsewhere, later. It is a much better situation than the macular degeneration condition, which would mean the end of his usual job(s).

Thank you, Father, for hearing our prayers and for blessing us with a warning; help us please, to get on track on health issues, in the way you want us to be.

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