Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changing Food Habits

I don't know about you, but I find it very hard, at my age, to change my food habits. Weight problems are not the only reason many of us are trying to adopt new food routines. Health is another factor.

I've mentioned here, quite often, that I find it easier to ask for God's help in advance of needing it. This is because most times, when I am in the middle of a bad situation, I often forget to pray at that moment. Before I know it, the opportunity to pray about a specific issue is gone.

That is the reason I wrote my prayer (in my Busy Person's Prayer Book), "To Change Eating Habits." I'll share it here with you, although I try to avoid just "giving" these away. My goal, of course, is to have folks get the book. Still, this prayer is so important, and so easy to remember, that I must share it with you.
To Change Eating Habits
You promised to provide our bread
But we reach for food that’s bad, instead
Please guide my appetite today
Toward food that’s good for me, I pray.
(c)Evelyn Shamay Mayfield
I hope that you will find it helpful. I do have some success when I say this prayer in the morning, before I eat anything, or at least early in the day.

Of course, no prayer is guaranteed to work. Prayers are little talks with God, either asking for help, or thanking him, or just telling him what we are worried about. But because of the terrible eating habits I sometimes get into because of so many things on my mind and in my day, I really need to say this daily.

By saying this prayer daily, not only am I asking for God's help with my food choices, but I am also focusing on the positive side of my food habits, or at least the ones I want to adopt.

Dear God, please hear my prayer when I remember to say it, and when I do not, I know you will remember how important this is to me, and send me the grace I need to do this right.

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