Sunday, March 7, 2010

God's Protection

Sometimes I feel so ashamed to ask for God's protection.

Tonight, for example, it is raining, and we've had a leak in the ceiling, just inside the back door. It stops just a foot short of the ceiling light we leave on all night. We leave it on because it is a room that shines the light throughout the house; and if we come in the back door, there is no way to turn it on from that doorway - one must cross the room in darkness to get to the switch on the other side. We keep a low wattage bulb there. It is our combo pantry, laundry room, and small tools area.

It is raining steady now, and will probably continue until sometime mid-morning. I already plan to have a friend try to find the source. I think it might be a gap in the flashing around the top of the mobile home, but he has a trained eye, plus he is not terrified of heights and ladders as I am.

Meanwhile, I have prayed the past day or so, trying to buy time until he can get here on a dry day.

Where I feel ashamed is in asking for God's help and protection in such a small matter when the people of Haiti and the people of Chile are facing horrendous tragedy. I have been praying for them, as I'm sure most people of faith are doing, all along.

And I know, of course, that God promises to hear our prayer. I know, too, that he is Almighty and answers many, many prayers each day. So, I will try tonight, again, and pray we are safe one more rainy night. I just hate to see even more water damage, little as it may be. And I pray this friend will let me pay for any repairs needed on a monthly-payment basis.

Father, you know my heart and prayers goes out to all those people suffering in Haiti and Chile, and in many other places in the world; my worry seems so small compared to theirs; if it doesn't upset your plans for anyone, please hear my prayer for protection for our humble but beloved little home, the one you led us to 9 years ago, and which we will continue to try to take care of as you trust us to do.

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