Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday Night Blog Hop - Valentine Memory

This Monday's Blog Hop is supposed to be about Valentine's Day, a memorable one. I have been trying hard to pick one out from among all those throughout my life.

The strange thing is that the one which stands out is one in which I did not get a gift, but one in which I gave something that just made me feel good.

My sister, who passed away Dec. 13, had been in long-term care for four years. The most recent facility had been the best. For the last two years, they were her "family," and took her to their hearts. The staff was understandably busy but always gave her their time. She wanted to thank them. I managed to make several dozen foam heart magnets and pins, and send them to my sister to give out as thank you gifts on Valentine's Day. The staff was very surprised and enjoyed them. My sister gave a few to some of the other long-term care residents, folks who had less contact with the outside world than she did.

I have to say that the feeling it gave me, for so little effort on my end, was warm and fuzzy.

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Michelle said...

What a generous thing you did for your sister and for the nurses. I also have a soft spot for nursing home residents. One year we gave-up Christmas and used all our money for 20 residents. My girls were 5,7 &10 and they LOVED it. To this day they talk about it..

Annette said...

Hi! I'm just dropping by on the blog hop, and I've joined your site. Thanks very much for sharing your lovely wee Valentine Memory!

Kat said...

It's very cool what happens when we let God use us :)...wonderful!