Thursday, February 4, 2010

Forced-Rest Days

Sometimes, I run into a stretch of one or more days where I accomplish nothing at all.

Oh, sure, I get the cat fed and his litter box cleaned, I get food at the store, I manage a laundry load or two, I pick up my nephew at work in the household van, I say a rosary before bed, and I pay a bill or two. But I do not post here. I do hardly any of my craft work (charity, Etsy, or other), and I do no work on the revision to my Busy Person's Prayer Book.

I've come to recognize these as days in which the Lord forces my brain and body to slow down and recharge.

I find I come back to life with a second wind.

Today is a second wind day. I love it.

Thank you, God, for taking charge when I am too charged up to know I need to rest.

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