Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relieving Soul Stress

I never close my eyes in bed to final sleep for the night until I thank the Lord for something or other that happened during the day. Some nights, I have to really think back over the day. I can always find something. I began to do this a year or two ago, and I love this habit that brings closure to some stressful days.
Many nights, the thank-you offers are for very simple things. Tonight, for example, I will be thankful for the upcoming rains we are expected to get this coming week, so badly needed in our area. I can even smell it in the air tonight.

I will probably also be thankful for a good, basic, cheap, but very welcome dinner tonight - plain and simple marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts, sautéed in the marinade, plain old mashed potatoes (old, is right - I had to remove two or three "eyes" from each one when peeling them) but delicious with their dollop of butter and splash of milk, and canned sliced red beets. For some odd reason, both my middle-aged nephew and I really dove in and enjoyed it.

I also found out today that I have no viruses on my computer even though I've been worried about it. I almost downloaded AVG which is highly recommended when my neighbor, my computer guru, mentioned Windows Defender, which I had but didn't have set to scan on a regular basis. Scans showed no troubling "bugs." Defender, however, made it very easy for me to delete some stuff that was robbing my system of its memory.

This news about my PC makes me thankful, also, for email and how easy it is to keep in touch with friends, both actual (those I have met in person) and virtual (those I only know through the internet).

What else? What else? There might be another thing or two before I close my eyes. This routine helps offset the stress and strain of all that is on my plate each day. Hot showers ease the stress of my body; this mental thank-you practice eases the stress on my soul.

Father, thank you for being there to listen, and thank you for being patient when I should be thanking you for far more than I manage to recall.

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