Saturday, November 14, 2009

When Time Flies

I can't believe a week has gone by without my posting a single entry. Life really does whiz by at times. It hasn't been a bad week. Like everyone on this planet, there were times when I was a bit worried or stressed. Well, maybe I was a LOT worried and/or stressed at times (LOL). But prayer, as always, managed to pull me through. I am always amazed at how slow I am to pray. Many times, I could be a lot less tense if I would pray just a bit sooner during situations.

I love to look back at what appeared to be "bad" days or moments, and see how the issues were resolved with God's help. More and more often, I find myself whispering a really fast, but heartfelt, "Thank you, God."

When a day is filled with problems, I find my prayers are really short and to the point. Back when I wrote the prayers that became my Busy Person's Prayer Book, I noticed that I needed quick and easy prayers. If I do not have a prayer in mind, I frequently just wing it. "Father," I'll say, "I really need help on this one. I don't know what to do next. Show me how you want me to handle this." Or, I'll say something like, "I am really scared this time, frightened about how this situation is turning out. Please help me find a happy outcome." Or, even simpler, "I know you trust me to take care of this, but I need you to show me the next step."

Lots of times, things are straightened out more quickly than I expect, and I find myself rushing through a Thank You prayer. Far too often, I forget that Thank You, so at night, before I sleep, I whisper an all-inclusive prayer, "Thank you for all that you have helped me with today, especially those things which I took for granted."

Dear God, please send me the grace to continue to come to you when I need your help, and thank you for promising to help us whenever we ask for that help.

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