Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Intentions Do Not Change Bad Habits

I do a lot of talking about changing some patterns in my life. I do a lot of writing about some of them. And I do a lot of thinking and praying about these habits I'd like to change. But most times, it just never changes.

I've read many times that a routine must be repeated 1,000 times to become a habit. Hmmm. So, to reverse some negative or harmful things that I do, I need to do a proper thing to replace the bad thing, for 1,000 times. That's very frightening. Another time, I read that it must be repeated for two weeks. Well, two weeks I could probably make a good try at.

Even if the folks who say 1,000 repeats will engrain a habit into our lives, even if they are right, and not the two-week promoters, I figure that if I do something for two weeks, it's got to make a good start toward becoming a habit.

I am not going to do this for minor issues. I need to change my attitude in some areas. I need to change my behavior in other areas. Some things I want to change affect my physical life; others, my spiritual life.

I guess I need to make a note of one item, to start with, and work on that for two weeks. Then, I'll take another item, and so forth. I need to take this seriously. My good intentions have not moved me very far along in my goals.

Father, I need your help in changing some bad habits into good ones; please guide me for a couple of weeks in each goal along the way.

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Thena said...

WOW!! That hit home. I've heard it takes 30 days to make a habit. But I tried breaking one, went five weeks. It didn't work. Now I may go a day or two but I'm right back at it. I know it's a bad one because I always feel guilty when I do it. Hopefully the new year will finally be the turning point.