Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayers Answered in Odd Ways

Once again, prayers were answered but not quite as expected. This discomfort (well, it's truly pain now) in my hip, has been causing me worry. Last night, I dreamed an old friend, who passed away in February, reminded me that I sometimes get bursitis in my shoulder or hip. It has been over two years since the last time, and I had forgotten. Plus, it has never been so severe before.

I went online to be sure, and two of the major causes (among others) are failure to warm up properly before exercising (which I surely did do big time a few days ago), and improper posture. I do seem to have good standing posture, but when I sit at home at the computer, or to crochet, or watch TV, instead of adjusting the TV or PC, I twist myself instead (dumb!).

So I'm not as worried as I've been the past few days about it being anything serious. Load off my mind. It did say 10 to 14 days to go away (hmmm - I've got about a week more to go), and that either aspirin or ibuprofen can help somewhat. Notice, they say "somewhat" (lol). This also explains why the Tylenol Arthritis wasn't helping - that isn't ibuprofen or aspirin. It is acetaminophen. I will switch to basic aspirin, which I tolerate very well.

I wanted to thank those of you who have prayed with me on this. Our prayers were answered. I honestly believe it is not serious and I can therefore deal with it, even though it is very severe. The good thing is that I do not have trouble driving, or walking, or using the bathroom. So, things could be a lot worse.

Father, thank you for taking this worry off my shoulders, and bless, please, abundantly, those who showed concern for me and prayed with me.


Kelly's Ideas said...

We serve an amazing God - he answers our prayers in the most unusual way at times.

Love to you,.

f.sarah said...

please take care!