Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Choice for Gloves for Homeless

A comment from Crochet Pattern Beth asked if I would share my pattern for easy gloves for the homeless. I do not have one that I have made myself. What our group has been using is a "fingerless glove" pattern, which I'll give you in a moment.

The reason we use this is that we are in the desert southwest area and our nights rarely get below 30, although wind-chill can make it feel like 20 at times. The fingerless gloves we make are very easy and very quick. We can use several colors in each pair, if we are using scraps. If the wind is bad, they can slide over real gloves, as extra protection. If I can work up an easy pair of "real" gloves, or find one, I'll post as soon as that happens.

They can also be made with cotton yarn for wheelchair use in long-term care homes.

That said, here is a link to the one we use. We use a G hook for average; I have gone down a size for teens, and up a size for men and larger women's sizes. I found this one on Crochet Pattern Central (see my sidebar for a link to them and their free patterns) about a year ago.'s_fingerless_mittens.htm

I have made two or three pair a day, on a really good day, but as we all know, life does not always allow that type of day to happen (sigh).

Aside from loving these for the homeless, etc., I make these for my Etsy shop with fake fur trim and they are just gorgeous and so ultra-feminine and frilly.

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