Friday, October 23, 2009

Eliminating Duplicates when Saving Patterns

After yesterday's post, I realized that after I move patterns from my backup hard drive's Pattern folder to a CD, I won't know if I am saving a pattern I already have, or not.

To be sure, before I save a pattern, I'd have to search the CD each time. This presents a problem. I'll need to keep the CD nearby so I can do a quick search when I am pattern-hunting.

Things are never really simple in this life, are they? (sigh)

Probably the easiest way to search the disk for the pattern is to choose a unique word or phrase in the item description, or the name of the designer, or something like that. It would narrow down the possibilities.

I know that after I close this post tonight, I'll probably think of something else. Still, it's better to iron out wrinkles in a new routine early on. There will be plenty of other wrinkles along the way.

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Crochet Princess Beth said...

I just love your site! I've been making scarves for the homeless and now making your pattern - which I love it too! They are in need of gloves - would you mind sharing your easy glove pattern? Thanks for the great pattern! Crochet hugs to you! Beth in VA