Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blessings vs Worries

It has been over a week since I last posted to the Prayer Power part of my blog. I hate when I let that much time push this aside. Tonight, the only thing that comes to mind is thanks for several things that went really well today. I wasn't even going to post that because I was afraid I was overdoing the "Thanks" posts.

But, after looking back over 2009, I've only done it twice before, in depth.

That said, I had another thought. If, over 10 months, I have posted most nights about worries, about faults to overcome, about stress, about the problems of others, but I've only posted a few times about "thanks for favors received," then what is wrong with my thinking? Isn't it more exciting to post thanks to the Lord, than to focus totally on the sorry part of life?

So, this is thanks for several things today. A neighbor treated me to a breakfast buffet this morning, something totally unexpected. It felt so good to get out of the house for something other than errands, paying bills, and so on. I had done her a favor, and I suspect her gesture was partly in thanks for that, and partly because she misses her neighbor who is having severe medical issues, and she felt like company. So she was blessed in her way, with company, and I was blessed in another way, the treat.

I also managed to get a bill paid just under the wire. Another issue worked out better than expected, with a prepaid cell phone plan that had become complicated, the payment not appearing to have been posted. It all worked out to my benefit.

As the words in a popular song go, "...these are a few of my favorite things..." There were other small delights today.

Father, thank you for having guided me over a year ago, to start this blog to witness the ways you help me, to document my prayer journey, and to share with others so that they may feel less alone in their own journey...bless me more often with the words you'd like me to share.

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