Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Things Go Wrong

I hope that none of my readers have the opinion that, because I write about prayer and its power in our lives, that I am always upbeat and on top of my faith. Just a few moments ago, I had to stop, before writing this, to dry my eyes after, I hate to say it, a sobbing session. For a few moments, I was frozen in life's chaos and did not know what to do next. I was too overwhelmed to even pray. Thank heaven, in times like this, I fell back on the special prayers I wrote for When Things Go Wrong.

When I wrote that one, it was for me. It was for times when I am too upset that I cannot even think of any words to shape into a prayer. After I wrote it, I found I went to it, time and again. You can see it by going to the informational page about my Busy Person's Prayer Book, and finding the link to the four free sample prayers. It is one of those. Go look - you might find it is one worth copying and saving. I only ask that you always give me and my book credit for it.

Meanwhile, things are still a mess. But having said that prayer, and I usually say those prayers three times in a row, they are so quick and easy, at least I am calm enough to figure out what to do next.

I have already dried the water leak under the kitchen sink (which I only noticed when I saw it leaking from the outside siding of my mobile home). It required, of course, taking everything out from under there, putting the cleaners, etc., into bags until I can return them to their home, and putting something under the leak (it's from a faucet that needs total replacement and I can't do that until next week).

I managed to get across the street to my 80 yr old widower neighbor and reassure him that, yes, I'd be happy to check international flight rates tomorrow on the internet (his brother was just told he has prostrate cancer) and that I would also try to find good rates on international temporary cell phone deals. I also once again put my lower dentures together with more Super Glue (can't afford those being fixed professionally until early next year). And some of the other issues, I'm working on. Yes, at least I can now think straight.

Thank you, Lord, for being there for me when things look their worst!

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