Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity often knocks at the most inconvenient time. Opportunity often disguises itself as something we really would rather not do at the time. Opportunity often upsets our routine.

Every single time that Opportunity knocks in my life, I start to resist. I can't help myself. I don't want another straw on my back. I do not want to lose another chunk of time. I really don't want to tackle anything new right now. Oh, I have plenty of excuses.

No matter how much I grumble and mutter those excuses, God keeps nudging me toward the Opportunity.

Tonight, a businessman, who I've just come to know, asked me whether I'd help him develop his business. He complimented me on my communication skills on the phone. Alarms went off. I do NOT want to do phone work. I hate it these days. I do not have time for it.

But he's right. After 50+ years of office and corporate work, I have learned, the hard way, many skills, and phone communication is one. I declined his fishing efforts as gracefully as I could.

Knowing that God always pushes me harder when I resist, and I definitely did resist immediately, I took a moment to listen to what he hopes to accomplish. I suggested we start small and I'd help him place feelers out and I'd surf the competition and I'd somehow handle email and mail queries and he could deal with the most appropriate leads.

It just might work. At least, over the years, I have learned to stop shooting down ideas right at the top. I have learned to try to find other alternatives and other ways around what I consider roadblocks. Hopefully, I can help him and it might help me, some way or other.

Dear God, thank you for teaching me a little patience when you knock at my door with an Opportunity; please send me the grace and gifts of the Spirit, all that I need, to help this gentleman by using the skills you have led me to learn.

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