Friday, September 4, 2009

His Mysterious Ways

Yesterday, I had a moment when several issues piled up on me within a three hour span and I felt overwhelmed. Well, today, one of those issues seems on the way to resolution. I knew that my dentures needed work. I knew that I didn't have the time or money to get that done in the near future. They broke, yet again, yesterday. Today, something made me check, online, for local dental colleges or training centers. I found two but I also found something I didn't know existed in our area - a mobile denture lab!

I am very happy with this possibility. Sure, it might cost the same as an office visit. But besides money, my other issue was the time it would take, and the gas it would take, to get to an office. It also meant I might not be able to pick up my nephew from work whatever day that was and he'd have to sit around at work, waiting until my office visit was finished.

I emailed this place and am waiting to hear. I might end up calling them. I need a ballpark figure so I can plan to get this done. Meanwhile, in our senior mobile home community, I know of at least six homebound folks who need this rolling lab. I can get flyers or a brochure, and leave it with them and some in the Park Office.

Not only does it look like my problem will be resolved in an easier way than I imagined, but it looks as though the Lord is helping me help some others in his flock. How great is that?

Oh, my oven went out on me today (sigh), but the good thing is that my propane grill is working and I can always use that for another month or so. See? I am already learning a little patience when things go wrong. But, wow, do I have a long way to go to be what I should be.

Dear God, you know the plans you have for us, and I am sorry I sometimes seem impatient when I do not see how they will play out; fill me with more patience each day, that I may wait upon you for the solution to daily problems.

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