Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good People - They DO Exist

I can't tell you how often I hear folks say that the world is a mess and that everybody is out for themselves and people are not friendly and on and on. Well, I know for a fact that good people do exist. Many, many of them. If our minds are souls and hearts are closed, we cannot see them. But with an open heart, we can see them everywhere. We just need to keep our eyes and ears open, as well.

A few examples immediately come to mind. A friend was stuck with an unwanted visitor who stayed and stayed, caused stress (she's trying to raise two grandkids alone, in the midst of this), and she did not know how to get this annoying, troublesome person out of her house. A good Samaritan came her way - one of her internet friends, without consulting her (I'm sure she felt this gal would refuse the help), she paid for a train ticket and told her to get this gal out of her house and to the train station in the morning, that a ticket would be there for this obnoxious alcoholic. The wonder in all of this, is that the helper who came to my friend's aid had just experienced two deaths within the past six months - her mom early this year, and her own husband less than a month ago.

Another case. A neighbor is having more and more trouble with her lungs and her 24/7 oxygen. Until now, she almost always did her own shopping, dragging her big old tank with her into her van, using her scooter to get around. At the market this morning, I saw another neighbor doing this gal's shopping, talking on the cell phone with her, to be sure she was getting the right items. The lady who was helping with the shopping has quite a few others in our community that she helps as well, in other ways. Yet, she is taking the time to add this other gal to her list.

A man down the street is our neighborhood computer geek. He also collects old computers, fiddles with them, and to date, has GIVEN away over 50 of these to seniors in our community so that they can keep in touch with family via emails. They aren't fancy PCs, but they work for emails and that's what's important to these folks.

Dear God, thank you that my eyes can see all the good people on this earth around me; help me to always keep my heart open that I may continue to do so.

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Anonymous said...

Evie - you are a constant beacon of light in this world (at least my little world). I appreciate you very much!