Friday, August 28, 2009

Kids' Crafts - A Wealth of Ideas

Although I've mentioned this once or twice in the past year or so, I always forget my own advice until I find myself using it one day. That advice is to check the craft ideas geared to children when you need a fresh outlook. Many of those children's projects are just fine for adults to make and give to other adults, or even to sell to adults.

The trick is to add a touch or two which brings them to another level. It is also important to make them a bit more nicely than a ten-year-old might make them.

I have fun when I am bored with my own pattern collection by going to the gazillion sites online loaded with craft ideas for kids. Oh, sure, I bypass dozens of those projects as not what I want. But I always find a few, each time, which I save or print.

There is an added benefit to this goldmine of ideas: these projects are always easy to make. With the holiday crafting season hot on our minds, it is a good time to go hunting for a fresh, new gift idea.

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