Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Thankful for... (and a prayer request for a friend)

Today is one of those days when I really am especially thankful for small things that are really big things.

It was very humid here today and when I climbed into the shower, I could not help being thankful that I had one. I cannot imagine the suffering of the homeless regarding washing up.

That led me to be thankful for my decrepit (but still working) washer and dryer which I use and abuse at will. It makes me remember when I lived in a large apartment complex and had to lug pillow cases of laundry two buildings away, pray there were some empty washers, and then have to stay the entire time by the dryer because tenants stole things if you were not there to watch your loads.

In turn, I am thankful for our old, but still okay, mobile home with the covered driveway. It reminds me of that apartment complex when I carried bag after bag of groceries in bad weather, from the parking lot, to the door, several buildings from the lot.

Prayer Request
And most of all, even with my just-about-70-yr-old body's twinges and troubles, I am still in better shape that a dear friend's 9 year old boy. Little Johnny has had his share of troubles and still smiles. As his mother explains, "Johnny was down 32 mins. at birth and has cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, is fed by a G-J tube and is above 6 mos. old cognitively. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair and big smiles and laughs." He went through a terrible time when they inserted a trach tube early this year. Now, he's having some new difficulties - seizures, major pain that even his angelic smile cannot mask, and more. Please keep this little fellow and his beloved family in your prayers?

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