Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Destroy to Rebuild

I was glancing over some old costume jewelry the other day. Lots of beads here and there. Some necklaces, some earrings. I haven’t worn them because some have tarnished findings, some are broken, some are not to my liking any longer. I realized I can just disassemble them and put the beads, etc., in a container, and re-use them. I could make a Christmas Tree and put them on as ornaments. I could crochet some of them into a stretchy bracelet. Lots of ideas here.

That led me to remember I have some needlecraft items that I no longer use. Some have holes in them, some I’ve outgrown, some just bore me now. There’s no reason I cannot unravel them, knitted or crocheted, gently launder, dry, and re-wind and re-use the yarn or thread. There are bound to be some short pieces.

A friend of mine takes the short pieces and ties them, with the knots showing visibly. She then crochets or knits this ‘textured’ yarn or thread into scrubbies or even “rag” rugs or dishcloths. I think they’d make excellent body scrubbers for exfoliating.

I have to look around. There are a lot of ways to recycle some things in a way I’d enjoy.

Dear Lord, thanks for opening my eyes to all these possibilities.

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