Monday, October 20, 2014

Praying for an Attitude Adjustment for Myself

My outlook on life seems to be changing its focus and I do not like it at all. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m getting older, or whether life’s issues have worn down my defenses, or whether I just miss certain people to talk things over with.

All my life, I was always the one who folks came to when they needed to be uplifted or needed to find an upbeat way of looking at life’s issues. I have been the optimist. Not a Pollyanna, but just a person who never allowed fear or worry to last long in my mind.

Now, it seems, I am beginning to sound like a whiner and I don’t like it. Mostly, I’ve posted and shared because I just wanted folks to know why I can’t do what I used to do, or because if I can get through a difficult time, maybe it will give them hope to do that, too.

It’s sounding different to me, though, lately.

I know God has my back. It’s the one thing I have always kept in mind. But these days, my worry-spells last longer than they ever used to last. I used to be able to kick a mood out of my head in a few minutes. Now it may take an hour. In that hour, I’m afraid I bother people. 

I do not want to fall into depression. That has never been a fear of mine. I have at least half a dozen very dear friends with this problem, and my heart aches for them. When that happens, nothing I say is able to help. So I pray for them.

Now, I must pray for me. Not because I fear depression for me. But because I do not want worry to rob me of that peace that I used to feel no matter what life tossed my way. And in my 75 years, life has tossed a lot my way.

I just looked back at the beginning of this post, at the reasons I considered for my change in attitude.

Age is not an excuse. I loved my mother dearly, with all my heart, but we disagreed on one big thing. She often said that after she got older, she didn’t need to change any further. I disagree. I want to keep changing - for the good.

Life’s issues should not be allowed to wear down my defenses. They never have before. I must keep reminding myself of that. I have had much worse to deal with, and I have come through because of my faith.

However, part of it could be because I miss having a dear one to talk things over with. This just means I need to adjust - a little, or a lot. But I do need to adjust. No biggie - I just need to do it.

Father, Sweet Lord Jesus, and most Holy Spirit, I call on each of you, each in your own way, to help me get back on track if I have truly slipped off, and to stay on track. Help me to remember all the times you have bailed me out of troubled times. And help me to resist the urge to share too much when it is not going to do anyone any good to do so.    

8 Guinness Crochet World Records!

Check out this link for 8 world records related to crochet.

The one that really boggled my mind is this one...

6. World's Fastest Crocheter
Others have tried to beat this record but the winning title is still held by Lisa Gentry who achieved her win in 2005. She crocheted more than 5100 stitches in just thirty minutes. She was crocheting shell stitches.

I cannot imagine even beginning to come close to her record - can you? 

Have fun reading these - care to challenge any of them? They are out of my league, that’s for sure. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tips on Worrying from Guideposts

Guideposts has many, many daily email message choices available when you register on their site - free. One that I love receiving each day is their "Our Prayer - Daily Scripture and Reflections" message.

Today’s really hit home and I have to share it here with you. I will save this somewhere so I can savor it the next time I need it badly...

The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11

A Time to Think
Worry is a thin stream of fear that trickles through the mind, which, if encouraged, will cut a channel so wide that all other thoughts will be drained out. –Author Unknown

A Time to Act
Focus not on your fears but your strengths.

A Time to Pray
Heavenly Father, we thank You for the comfort you give us, when we come to You.

This little collection of thoughts plus the verse are tailor-made for many of us in today’s troubled world and all the issues associated with it.

Father, thank you for all the resources available to us today regarding Your Word. Those of us connected to the Internet are far more blessed than we acknowledge. I thank you for that connection and for all the helpful words I find there. Bless those who share them with us.

Bonus Surprises Today - Enjoying Life's Ride

Even though I have made my peace with my new TV setup (indoor antenna, analog converter box. lack of ABC, CBS and NBC, but with VCR), I have two friends who are very sweet and taping certain shows for me.

One neighbor in the Park is supplying me with Jeopardy until I get my outdoor antenna. I set myself up to watch one a day. When I popped the tape in, it began with one of my fave’s - Blue Bloods. So I got to watch that before my first Jeopardy.

And another friend’s DH is taping dramas. Today I popped in a tape with NCIS and NCIS New Orleans, and apparently they let the tape run on afterwards. So, I also saw a CBS newcast, David Letterman, and Craig Ferguson.

Two bonuses in one day - Hooray! 

I have a friend who, when I get excited by things like this, says that she never saw anyone get as happy over little things as I do.

Well, I think life’s made up of more annoying little things than annoying big things, and more happy little things than happy big things. Why not enjoy the ride life gives us, no matter what the size of the joy?

Step by Step - It All Works Out

With the help I recently received, next month should be so much easier. I will finally be able to pay the loans on time and move closer to getting rid of them and back on track. This month, however, I still face two loan payments, a small bill, and food for me and kitty. 

However, I am blessed with some crafting skills. I can cover one loan and one bill on Monday because of a crochet order I am finishing this weekend. I will still need to figure out how to deal with the other loan and food for the rest of the month. 

I really don’t need much on the food, come to think of it. I’m very fortunate in that I have been making crock pot meals and putting portions in the freezer. I have enough different meals in there to cover four dinners a week - chili, chicken soup, and two nights each week of cabbage rolls (I love those). I usually just need fill-in things, or perishables, and kitty food. It will be fine. I am far better off than I have been since I lost my middle-aged nephew’s income when he passed away February 1st. It is a relief.

I am even happy with my indoor antenna/analog converter box setup in the living room and the VCR in the TV in the back bedroom. I am listening to news and music on my PC, both streaming it free and via CDs, some my own, some gifted to me by friends.

Yep, considering where I was last month at this time, I am very grateful and relieved.