Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thunderstorm on the Way...

I hear thunder out there, getting closer, and if it gets close quickly, I will be shutting down - just to let you know nothing's wrong - just my habit with unnecessary electricity - ooops, loud one...'bye! 

Ok - I just went out and looked and it looks like a doozy coming in from Lake Mead direction, over Sunrise Mountain, dark, dark sky and lots of lightning, East area is gonna get something soon. I'll shut down and go read and put the transistor (ooops - portable battery operated) radio on for a while. Hugs to all. Me

Monday, June 29, 2015

More Product for My Etsy Shop - Tomorrow

I've had some things made and ready for my Etsy shop for a while now. My biggest hurdle is taking the photos for the listings. I am not in love with that part of the process.

However, I thought I was ready to take the photos over the weekend and then I discovered that I had put my digital camera in a "safe place" and couldn't remember where it was.

This morning I found it. Today I went into a photo frenzy. Tomorrow I will upload the photos, compress them, and lighten/darken as needed. If not tomorrow, then sometime this week, I'll begin adding the items. It's nothing big this time but there are lots of variations of my smaller items.

The 4th isn't until Saturday but already, tonight, I am hearing folks in here setting off what I hope are the "safe and sane" fireworks that our county allows. They began selling them this weekend. My kitty will be a wreck by the time Saturday gets here. With our dry heat, I am always worried about stray sparks, too.

I finished off a few more of my Rustic Crocheted Wall Crosses (tucked in ends, etc.) for the shop. And I made two more scrubbies with the scraps. I tuck the scrubbies away for sudden and last-minute thank-you gifts to keep on hand.

Tomorrow I really should/must take a count of all the things I've accumulated from our charity crafting team - everything that relates to babies this time. I know I have enough for a delivery to the local agency we donate to - possibly this week - next, at the latest.

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I hope that most of you had a fairly good day, too.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Peace and Love and Answered Prayers

Today was a gentle day and I am always so thankful for one of those.

First off, I need to be thankful for some answered prayers. 

My brother's homestead appears to be out of danger now from that Big Bear Lake fire in CA - he tells me it's over 40% contained and his neck of the woods (desert, actually) is reasonably safe now. Others, however, still need prayer.

And secondly, my friends in upstate NY can now relax because one of those escaped prisoners was killed and the other wounded and captured.

This morning, though, I woke up just feeling like I wanted to remind others that He loves us so much and watches over us, even when we ignore him. I didn't feel like blogging right then but I did go into Etsy and created a Treasury of things from 16 shops that reminded me of that - I captioned it Reminders of His Love

Lord Jesus, thank you for always being there for me, even when I am too complacent to think about you and your love and protection.

Heat and Life and Stuff

For now, I'm happily existing in our 114 heat today - we've almost hit 21 days of over-105 which is the current record - might make it. I'd rather see all of this now and then, come mid-July, just coast through the summer at about 105 - I never thought I'd live somewhere where I would think that was a blessing).

I am constantly grateful that I finally defrosted my old upright freezer back on the 7th. I spent most of the week, about two weeks ago, doing a different crock pot special each day and packing it away in there. Right now, I have stashed Pepper Steak, 3 Bean Ground Turkey Chili, Stuffed Peppers (again with ground turkey), Ground Turkey Loaf (kinda the size of baseballs), and Shredded BBQ Pork. I took a break this week and hope to start again next week with some sides to keep handy: baked beans, mashed potatoes (white and sweet), carrots (so much better than canned) and more.

Today, I just vegged out. I did put out a big jar and made a batch of Sun Tea. Out here, this time of year, that brews very quickly.

One of our TV stations did a test last week - they took some chocolate chip cookie dough and dropped spoonfuls on one cookie sheet and put the sheet on the dash in a car, locked the car, left it out in the sun, then checked back later. Within a couple hours, the cookies were baked. 

When you live here, you learn quickly NEVER to grab the metal car door handle with unprotected flesh - I had a huge blister from that mistake the first year I was out here.

All that aside, it was a blessedly peace-filled day - at my age, you do get to really appreciate one of those. I hope yours was just as nice.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thank You for Your Prayers

I already know, because you have told me in the past, that some of you pray for others anytime you see a request even though you might not be able to say so online. So, for those of you among my friends who do that, and for the others who have told me overnight that they had my brother and his wife in their prayers, Thank You! 

The fires raging in the Big Bear Lake area of CA are only 30 air-miles and about 55-60 road-miles from my brother's humble homestead.

Today, he called me and updated me. They are not in immediate danger from this latest CA fire, apparently, even though they were in strong danger from one a while back, the Pioneer fire. This one, he tells me, would be bad for them IF it were all flat-land between the fire and his home. But it would have to cross a couple of mountains and that is unlikely.

I feared for them - I didn't fear physical danger. But I feared they would lose their home. They've been in that cabin for over 40 years. They are in their 70s. They are low-to-almost-poverty-level income.

Even with that, our family has always tried to take things as they come. We teased that if he'd had to come here with me, I might be able to deal with him and his wife, but I wouldn't have room in my 10x12 shed for his horse. At that, I'd have to hide the horse because we have a 40-pound pet limit in our mobile home community.

All said, the prayers helped to get me the answers I needed, and to reassure me that he is not in immediate danger.

Lord Jesus, thank you for hearing our prayers. I ask that you continue, however, to watch over any and all others in the fire's path!  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Prayers,Please - Big Bear Lake Fire

My "baby" brother (who will be 72 in September) and his wife live on what we teasingly call his 5 acres of sand in the high desert not too far from the Big Bear Lake fire in California. I had to refresh my memory of the actual distance. It is 30 "air miles" and about 55 "road miles" between them, their little home, and the fire. 

A lot will depend on the wind's direction - and on the mountains in the path, as well.

The tinder is dry - I'm a little worried. He will be calling me tomorrow with an update, but it would do my heart and soul good to know that some prayers are going their way even before that.

Sweet Jesus, you lived here on earth, in bodies like ours. You had loved ones here. You experienced nature's bad side. Please, I ask you who calmed the sea and walked on water to watch over my brother, his wife, and their little homestead. I cannot be there for them, so I ask you to take over and love them and care for them and protect them. Please watch out for others in the fire's path, as well as those who are trying to get it under control.