Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Upbeat News of Sorts

I know I post a lot about my worries. That’s mostly because I hope some of you will say a wee prayer for me to be able to be patient while figuring things out. More than one person, praying with me, for the same thing, is far more powerful than my praying alone.

However, every day there are little things to celebrate, when we (I) look for them.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been without the black in my 5-yr old inkjet color all-in-one printer. After running the cleaning and test routines a dozen times, I admitted to myself that the print head was clogged.

I had contacted the company to find out if my print head was replaceable (which would be good news) or whether it was permanent (which would be bad news).  They got back to me. It’s a permanent print head. But they said they’d have a rep call me, at a day of my choosing, and troubleshoot it with me. I finally found a day when I could stay home the whole day to wait for the call. That was yesterday.

They called around 1 pm. They had me run a test print page and describe the black test.  They did something amazing. They extended my old warranty to include “this issue.” They are sending me a replacement inkjet printer. The one that is coming is refurbished but a much newer model. It is wireless and even offers automatic duplex printing. And it will have a one-year warranty. It should arrive in, get this, 3 to 5 days.

She did give me a Dutch Uncle (Aunt?) talk about how I should not use generic ink cartridges (which I do) since they can clog the print heads (which they did), and I was a good girl and was very humble during that lecture.
Bottom line - How incredible is this?

Another thing - I was notified that I won a teeny ($5) gift card from Target. That could take a few weeks or months to arrive. It’s small, but they sell cat food cans, and the cash for my baby’s food, any kind, and litter, is hard to come by. That will be a happy sight when it gets here.

One more treat. I’ve been using a manual one-cup coffee maker for months now. I have to put a plastic thingie on top of my cup/mug. Then I plop in a filter and pour boiling water into the thingie and the coffee drips into the mug. It’s a little clumsy but it works. But because it IS clumsy, I never make more than one cup, and it takes me until close to Noon to get the oomph to do it. Well, today I dug into this archaeological dig I call home, and finally found the brand new Gevalia coffeemaker I’ve had sitting here for about five years. I unpacked it, and tomorrow I’ll make 2 or 3 cups at one time, very early in the day. Can’t wait!

Father, I know some folks would think these are minor joys when I am facing some huge worries, but for me, those minor joys are blessings I love. Thank you so much for helping me along the way. I know you are working on the other matters and they will all work out, eventually. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Interesting New Development

Some of you may have noticed my post withthe bright graphic of my prayer for Help in Paying Debts from my Busy Person’s Prayer Book. I know you are probably wondering why I am putting those prayers out, free, when obviously I need income and would love to sell the book for that income.

Well, the truth is that I am terrible at marketing. In the few years it has been out there, self-published, I’ve sold perhaps 30 paperbacks, and given away at least that many. The paperback has to sell for $10. That’s a lot for a small book.

I think I would do much better, these days, by selling it as a download off my Etsy shop for just $.99 - I’m hoping to find out this week whether my current .pdf will work on a Kindle, Nook and/or tablet. If not, I will get busy and re-format it right away, and re-test.

If you have any or all of them (Kindle, Nook, tablet), and would like the pdf file to let me know how it works on your device(s), please contact me at mayfieldpubs at aol dot com, and I will send the file to you via email.

Anyhow, I do need that extra income. At 74, that’s hard to come by except off the internet. Tonight I had to laugh (so I wouldn’t cry - LOL) because my lower dentures broke in the middle, once again. And, once again, I had to Super Glue them together. I hope they hold for a while.

It would be wonderful if I can get the book into a compatible format. I am hoping the occasional prayer-graphic will bring attention to it.

Anybody Got A Kindle, Nook or Tablet?

Do any of you have any of these?


I'm trying to figure out whether I need to re-format my self-published Busy Person's Prayer Book. Right now, it's in pdf. So I need to know if that can be read on any/all of the devices above. If you are willing to receive the file and tell me if it looks ok on your device(s), I'll send the file to you.

I think I have it in other formats, too, but this one is the easiest to upload to my Etsy shop. I'd like to start selling it there for just $.99 for the download. I might do better that way than with the current paperback version which costs $10.

Anyhow, it's set up for right/left pages - that's what I want to make sure shows up ok on your device(s). I just want to see if the pages fly all over the place or something like that.

I might have to change all of that and I need to know so I can begin that work.

Let me know at mayfieldpubs at aol dot com


Testing New Free Prayer Graphics - Help in Paying Debts

I'm testing my new graphic for the prayers in my self-published Busy Person's Prayer Book. For a while, I was posting these, via this blog and then FB, every Sunday. I decided this would be an easier format for folks to see and therefore get more benefit from them. Hope this comes through all right.   

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Reviewing my Options

Those of you who know me, either in real life or in cyber-life, know I am not a stranger to adversity. You also know that my style is not to whine, but to look at the problems, identify them and work on every angle possible to resolve them. Some things take longer than others. And some things are options but ones we really are not fond of considering.

My financial mess got worse when my live-in middle-aged nephew died on Feb. 1, suddenly. We had just gone through many months, last year, living on just my SS, waiting for his disability to go through. It did. And the retro paid off existing debts.

However, other, newer debts appeared, as they will in life. We did not expect him to suddenly die after less than six months on disability. It left me going into each month already in a hole.

My options are somewhat limited. I cannot take a roomie at present because the mobile home is not set up with a private area although, in about six months, I could rearrange things to allow that. Also, I badly need those crusted and corroded galvanized pipes under the house all replaced, ASAP. That’s something that I need to do, before they burst. A friend, a plumber, patched a few feet for me last month, but it needs a complete re-pipe.

Options for that kind of money are limited. I do not gamble. Well, I’ve been going once a week, for an hour, since November, and spending $14, on Bingo, with a friend. There’s always that possibility - but I keep thinking of what I can do with the $50 I’m spending on that each month. It would cover the house insurance.

I could sell the home to the Park, and talk them into letting me put part of the money into a few month’s space rent to give me time to find, and move to, a senior apartment. But truthfully, as cluttered as my home is, that would stress me out so badly that it would be worse than worrying about the bills.

The car is a mess - needs tie rods and that problem is going to ruin the tires, still unpaid for, that I had to get two months ago when the tread was showing through the other ones. So, getting a title loan is out of the question for this 13-year-old car. And I really can’t sell it because I really need it to get around.

The State has approved me to cover my Medicare premiums which would add $100 to my income each month. That was effective May 1. However, the State has me in their records for that, but they still have not notified the Feds - when I called SS, they didn’t see word-one on the matter. I’ve got to make some copies and get them to SS, to see if I can get that going.

Anyhow, it is not impossible. I’ll just keep whittling away at the options until I end up with the right one. It’s just in the timing.
Heavenly Father, I love the way you give me ideas on what to do. I have had to cross off several, and need to keep my eyes open for others. Meanwhile, I only ask that you send me wisdom and peace and patience while I wait for you to work this all out. You led me to this home back in ’01 very carefully and persistently.  I’m older now and move more slowly, but I will try hard to keep it in shape and up to par, with your help.