Friday, August 1, 2014

Amazing Day - Amazing Answers to Prayers

After my tv/internet were cut off for almost 48 hours, last night I cried during my prayers before bed. I rarely do that. I think I frightened little Silkie. Anyhow, I promised the Lord I would try very hard, if He brought me out of this mess, to get things on track.

For years, I have not been as organized or house-conscious as most are. Mostly, I’ve done a lot of care giving and my focus was constantly on someone else’s needs. I didn’t resent that - it was simply a fact.

Last night I realized that even though Frank, my nephew, passed away on 2/1, I had done very little about changing my routines. It’s time I look at my life as it is today. I have quite a few obligations but I end up just muddling through them. I haven’t been as efficient as I could be.

So, I made my promises.

I also promised him that I would get my self-published Busy Person’s Prayer Book into the proper format to offer as an easy download for simply $.99 and that I would do it quickly.  I’ve been dragging my heels on that project. Last night, after prayers, I started re-formatting the file. The print version sells very, very slowly and I truly want it in a lot of hands because I believe it’s a cool book and I’d rather sell a bunch at a low price than just a few at a higher price.

Anyhow, I tried again this morning, at 8 am, to get new payment arrangements for my bundled tv/internet/phone balances. Wonder of wonders, they agreed to let me wait until my SSA comes in mid-month!

The house has been rather quiet without the tv (I have old analog types), and I was prepared to wait almost 24 hrs for them to restore service.

Again, amazingly, when I came home at Noon from my Friday morning Charity Crafting session, it was already on!

Here’s another amazing thing. I’ve been frustrated over how slowly Medicaid was acting in getting the additional funds to me that they approved effective May 1. Something made me check my SSA online and again, miraculously, it is finally showing up. SO, mid-month, I will have that additional $100 a month, plus enough retro, small as it is, to perhaps catch me up on my past-due monthly bills.

No, it doesn’t fix those really rotted pipes under the house, or pay for the tires, or the tie rods or other issues - but it takes some burdens away and all in just a few hours.

How amazing is that?

Praise you, Heavenly Father, for your compassion and timing. I’m sorry I cried last night but I think that was better than holding it in and I know you understand because even your own Son wept. Of course, his reasons were far heavier than mine. Thank you for everything you did today for me, and please bless my friends who have been keeping me in their prayers. Bless them abundantly, each in the way they need it most.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Possible 2-wk Internet/TV Cut-Off - Paying the Piper

During the coming night, one of two things will happen -

Either I will be offline for just 24 hours, or I will be offline until 8/13.

Most of you know I am in the hole by $400 at the end of each month due to the loss of income from my beloved nephew’s passing on 2/1. Several times I came close to internet/tv cutoff but managed to dodge it. I fear the time has finally come. They will make no further arrangements and I cannot fulfill the one I made early May.

Back then, I had full confidence that I could complete this round of past-due-installments-plus-current payments. Back in April, I applied for, and was approved for, assistance from Medicaid in that they would reimburse SS for my monthly Medicare premiums. This meant they would pay the Feds about $104 each month which I would see as additional funds in my SS deposit. It took effect May 1. I have not seen one dime so far.

I went to the State offices two weeks ago and it is all just fine in their system. Then I called the SSA and they said they have not seen even one word from NV in this matter. So, the State has it all set up but they have not yet passed that info to the Feds. Yes, I would get retro for each month - May, June, and now July. But it will not be in my Aug SS deposit, from what I gather. I have to get to the State offices again, as soon as I can.

However, that does not help me with my bundled phone/tv/internet payment due today. Yesterday, the supervisor said to just let it default and let it cut off over night and then call in tomorrow and make new arrangements.

I don’t think it will be that easy. If I remember correctly, from years and years ago, they are tough at that point and they want money before they can turn the tv and internet back on. And money won’t be available until the 2nd Wednesday in August.

So, my friends, PLEASE don’t freak and call me in a panic about this. It cannot be helped.

What will happen is that I will have strictly local phone service, at least.

But in the middle of the night, tonight, tv and internet will cut off. Tomorrow I will call and try to make arrangements. I really do expect that it cannot be done until the 13th, so I will be without email and tv until 8/13.

I will be fine - I’m a big girl. At 74, I grew up without tv. I’ll dig out a radio and plug it in. And I’ll be able to watch some VHS tapes if I’m really antsy for visuals. I’ll be able to work on my computer but not anything on the “net.”
I won’t know what’s happening with each of you, and I will have too much that I’m dealing with to call you. Just remember that you are always in my heart and prayers and I will be back online as quickly as I can be. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Interesting and Ironic Twists

Six days ago, I wrote about a few sweet little blessings that came my way. Nothing big, but enough of a treat to soothe my worried mind.

Briefly (you can read the complete post here), one was a replacement inkjet printer that was shipping to me, and another was my finding an as-yet-unopened carton with a Gevalia programmable coffeemaker in it.  The post will explain why these two things really made my day - they solved a few ongoing problems for me. I was smiling all day.

Now, here’s the ironic twist.

The printer has been lost in transit. I’m sure the company will not ship another until they are fully satisfied of this loss. This could take weeks. This takes me back to my original problem.

The coffeemaker does not work. Instructions said to do 2 brew cycles, first, before actually making coffee. I tried. Three times. Each time, I poured the water in the reservoir and it came right out onto the counter and down onto the floor. After wiping it up the third time, and pushing this stiff bod up off the floor once again, I called the company. Since it was way past the one-year warranty, they would not do anything.

This, too, takes me back to my original problem.

In a way, it makes me laugh. My coffeepot won’t hold water and my replacement printer is lost somewhere in Nashville, according to UPS Tracking.

Still, I am better off than many out there today.

I still have a roof over my head. I have food in the house. My kitty has food and clean litter. I have friends, both here and in cyber-space. I still have hands able to crochet and calm my nerves. When our monsoon rains came down recently, I had no leaks. And, I have my Faith to keep me sane.
Father, thank you for the fact that these minor inconveniences are just that - minor. In the eternal scheme of things, these are nothing. Thank you for continuing to send peace into my heart. But I worry about some friends. Please watch over them and send them whatever grace and blessings they need to get through their own days, their own troubles.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Upbeat News of Sorts

I know I post a lot about my worries. That’s mostly because I hope some of you will say a wee prayer for me to be able to be patient while figuring things out. More than one person, praying with me, for the same thing, is far more powerful than my praying alone.

However, every day there are little things to celebrate, when we (I) look for them.

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been without the black in my 5-yr old inkjet color all-in-one printer. After running the cleaning and test routines a dozen times, I admitted to myself that the print head was clogged.

I had contacted the company to find out if my print head was replaceable (which would be good news) or whether it was permanent (which would be bad news).  They got back to me. It’s a permanent print head. But they said they’d have a rep call me, at a day of my choosing, and troubleshoot it with me. I finally found a day when I could stay home the whole day to wait for the call. That was yesterday.

They called around 1 pm. They had me run a test print page and describe the black test.  They did something amazing. They extended my old warranty to include “this issue.” They are sending me a replacement inkjet printer. The one that is coming is refurbished but a much newer model. It is wireless and even offers automatic duplex printing. And it will have a one-year warranty. It should arrive in, get this, 3 to 5 days.

She did give me a Dutch Uncle (Aunt?) talk about how I should not use generic ink cartridges (which I do) since they can clog the print heads (which they did), and I was a good girl and was very humble during that lecture.
Bottom line - How incredible is this?

Another thing - I was notified that I won a teeny ($5) gift card from Target. That could take a few weeks or months to arrive. It’s small, but they sell cat food cans, and the cash for my baby’s food, any kind, and litter, is hard to come by. That will be a happy sight when it gets here.

One more treat. I’ve been using a manual one-cup coffee maker for months now. I have to put a plastic thingie on top of my cup/mug. Then I plop in a filter and pour boiling water into the thingie and the coffee drips into the mug. It’s a little clumsy but it works. But because it IS clumsy, I never make more than one cup, and it takes me until close to Noon to get the oomph to do it. Well, today I dug into this archaeological dig I call home, and finally found the brand new Gevalia coffeemaker I’ve had sitting here for about five years. I unpacked it, and tomorrow I’ll make 2 or 3 cups at one time, very early in the day. Can’t wait!

Father, I know some folks would think these are minor joys when I am facing some huge worries, but for me, those minor joys are blessings I love. Thank you so much for helping me along the way. I know you are working on the other matters and they will all work out, eventually.