Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I Need to Invent, for Cats...

I need to invent, or someone needs to, glow-in-the-dark cat treats. I’m going to send this Post to the cat food web sites, I think.

See, all the treats are brownish. I put them into her little purple treat-egg. It has a hole and when she rolls it, a treat comes out. Most times she is very excited about them and very diligent about gobbling them up. If she’s lost the egg in the house, she lets me know at night before we go to bed. That’s when I put it out. She sees better in the dark than humans do, of course, so just because the lights are out, it doesn’t mean she can’t see when they fall out. Also, she has a better sense of smell than we do.

Still, there are times I find them in the brown wall-to-wall carpeting in this old mobile home. At times, I step on them, and then have to scoop up the pieces before they are ground into the short rug. Other times, I find them at weird times. Like, tonight. I was brushing her highness during her nightly massage-therapy session. I must be on the floor to do this. When I shifted to get at her, I found one under my hip. 

That’s when the light bulb went on in my head - the next GREAT invention for cat-care-givers.

Yep, we desperately need them - glow-in-the-dark cat treats!

Are any of you cat food manufacturers reading this????? 
America needs you!!!!!  

Monday, September 15, 2014

What I Sing to My Cat at Night

Long ago, I developed the habit of singing to my cats, each in their time. For some, it was simply while they snuggled in my lap. With others, it was while I sat on the floor brushing them. They never minded that I sing out of tune. In fact, they all love it. I think there are two reasons for this.

When I sing, I’m sure they feel the vibrations and think I’m purring and love them. And when I sing, I am giving them true quality time and there’s not a feline alive who does not love to be cherished.

I usually only have one cat at a time. Years ago, in NJ, I had a brother and sister pair, for a while. Later, we had a few scurrying around when one suddenly discovered “boys” and had litters one after another until we took her to the vet. But in the past 35 years, it’s always been just one at a time. There have been 3 in that time.

Of those, the earliest was Amber. We didn’t brush her. She was a strong indoor-outdoor gal with a strong, strong preference for outdoors. And with that, she tended to shed her hair outside easily enough, rubbing whatever she could. So, with Amber, I sang while we snuggled. Her favorite was You Are My Sunshine.

Next, there was Tigger. This little guy loved the attention and loved being brushed. He liked me to sing an assortment of songs. Sometimes it was You Are My Sunshine, other times, some old 1940s tunes.

This one, however, Silkie, is an odd one. I’ve been brushing her routinely every night for a year or so. I tried every song in my head. She put up with them and she loved the brushing and attention. But nothing really grabbed her. I don’t know what made me sing, one night about a month ago, Knick Knack Paddy Whack. She really, really loves it. 

I do substitute some words. For instance, she’s all cat, all feline - I can’t sing “give the dog a bone.” So, I sing “give the girl a phone.” I’m sure she wouldn’t know what to do with a phone, but I feel much better doing that. I also don’t sing “up in heaven,” because I don’t want to think of losing her so soon, so I sing “like up in heaven.”

She likes this so much, if I don’t see her when it’s brush-time, I just plop on the floor and begin the song, and she comes running.

She’s notoriously uninterested in coming when I call her otherwise. If she’s out on the driveway, there’s no way I can coax her in without literally going outside and pushing her plump little bottom towards the back steps. 

But I think I have her number now - next time I want her highness to come home, I’ll go outside and start singing “Knick Knack Paddy Whack.” And she’ll come running. And the neighbors will throw shoes at me for singing off key. And I’ll get stuck brushing her because she’s sure that’s what goes with the song. Oh, well - that’s her lot in life - to train me.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sharing My Fave Childhood Prayer

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In spite of worries, I am basically a happy person, at peace inside, and filled with Faith. For some odd reason tonight, when I was brushing my cat, Silkie, on the floor, the last two lines of my fave childhood prayer kept going through my head. I had to do a Search to recall the first two lines -

Thank you for the world so sweet,
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing,
Thank you God for everything.

I love the simplicity and heartfelt joy in this little prayer...I wonder how many of you remember this one, and how many love it still, as I do.

Quiet Day - Thinking About Jesus’ Life and Example

I was thinking a lot today. It was quiet in that I faced no new crisis. 

True, the Service-Engine-Soon light came on the dash on Thursday and I’m praying I can do two errands, Monday and Tuesday mornings, safely, without damaging the car further, and get it to the mechanic early Wednesday morning so he can check it. It often has sensor problems.  But nothing new popped up to be concerned about.

I was thinking a lot about some friends of mine. Several are in very bad situations. For some it is medical. For others, it is financial. For some, it is both.

The thing is - several of my friends will not seek social service types of help. In my case, I have applied for everything I am conceivably eligible for. Some programs turned me down; others signed me up.  I can’t expect God to help me unless I also try to help myself by taking advantage of all the resources he offers for us.

But I have some friends whose pride will not allow them to seek social service types of help. For some, the roadblock is opening up their income and/or banking info to the agencies. Well, unfortunately, getting help is often a trade-off. To get the help, we often need to give up some measure of privacy.

Today, it occurred to me that Jesus gave us an excellent example. In his pain and torment, carrying the cross to his death, he fell at one point and just could not get up. This was the Son of God. And yet, he did not let pride get in his way when help was offered by Simon from Cyrene. The way I figure it is that I certainly am not better than God’s own son. If help can be obtained via social services and various programs, I am willing to give up some measure of privacy.

In the meantime, I try everything else as well. I can no longer work on-site anywhere, due to my age and legs and stamina-level. But I try to sell my handmade items, and I cut back everywhere I can, expense-wise, and I drop all unessential services. Every week, I think of another way to cut costs.

Father, thank you for continually showing me ways to cut back and to find solutions to various problems. I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. Knowing you are there for me is often the only thing keeping me sane and keeping me going. It is my blessing; it is my joy.

Bottom Dentures Broke in Half - Again

Ok, my bottom dentures broke in half, again. This time, the fix only lasted 2 months - I super-glued them back on July 14th. 

Have to go to the grocery this morning without the bottoms. I’ll fix them as soon as I get back but the glue must set for quite a while for them to hold against the moisture of daily cleansing. I have to go out, though - no choice. I need eggs and potatoes, yogurt and some raw veggies, plus cat food. I’ll use the food stamps for the food and plop my change in Coinstar for the kitty food. It will be all right for now.

I’ll eat easy, soft foods today, of course. Thankfully, I have enough that is reasonably healthy in here and can do that while the glue sets.

I really wish we had signed up for even just a small amount of life insurance on Frank before he passed away, but we held off a little too long. New dentures will only cost a few hundred but I can’t even pay the month’s end bills on a regular basis.

Still, I can fix them and pray they will hold a while longer.

Father, my Father, thank you SO much for letting this happen here in the house. I’ll make my store trip as brief as possible and do the temporary fix once again. I know you will help me in this respect because you’ve enabled me to learn about the super-glue fix.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Made a Big Mistake Today

Well, I made a big mistake, I think, today. I made a GoFundMe page and asked for donations to help get me out of this financial mess. 

I should either not have done it at all, or only posted half as much as my goal amount. 
The thing is, that is really what I need, now, to recover. 

For whatever it’s worth, I thought I had run out of options. 

At the worst, folks will think I’m either nuts or greedy or an idiot. 

At best, I’ll get a single-digit donation -
Father, miracles happen every day. Just having a roof over my head, food to eat, and being able to walk around on my own two feet, these are all miracles and I thank you for them. As for the finances, forgive me if I went at this too heavily. The “ask and you shall receive” can be interpreted many ways - hopefully, I did not step on anyone’s toes, even your Divine ones.