Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trying to Reason with a Cat is Not Sensible

My Silkie is allowed out on my driveway, or front porch, off and on throughout the day (by me, not our mobile home park community – she’s supposed to be on a leash if she’s outside so don’t rat me out!). 

I have learned over the past year of doing this that she sleeps better at night, she gets exercise up and down the steps (and also those moths are FAST and those birds FLY when they hear her tags clinking!), and she loves watching the folks walk up and down the street. 

I know she doesn’t mark or spray or do nasty things on nearby porches – she’s fussy – if she needs to use her litter box, she races up the steps, right into her “bathroom,” does what she does, and then races back outside – she’s a gal who likes HER bathroom.

But sometimes she likes the outdoors too much. Now that the weather is getting so much nicer here in Las Vegas, and the days do not darken until later and later, she argues with me about coming in for the last time at night. If she cannot find a moth to de-wing and de-leg, to bring in with her, she’s not ready, and she says NO quite loudly. 

I finally got her in tonight. But then I caught myself acting stupidly. I began telling her how lucky she was to have a nice long home (52 feet) to race through, a buffet at her feeding center, a second water dish way back in the far bathroom, clean bathroom (scraped every night), a mommy with a kitty-friendly-belly, and so much more – she didn’t care to hear all that. 

There must be a book out there that will help me explain the facts of life as they relate to living with a human caregiver – anybody know of one? (sigh)

I Think I Had An Unproductive Day

This is one of those days that, when all is said and done, I don’t feel I accomplished anything of real worth.

I’m uncomfortable with this type of day. I have many, many projects on my plate. Some are for charity or on a volunteer basis; some are ways to help neighbors and friends; some are my handmade items for my Etsy shop (hoping to amp up my income); and some are for the Lord’s work.

It’s not like I just sat around all day. I did accompany a dear friend in my mobile home community who is newly on a portable oxygen tank and walker. She is older than I am and her double pneumonia really did a job on her lungs in January. She is adapting but there are some stores or places she needs to get to, places I know are hard her to navigate or are long walks inside the facility, places where I like to accompany her to be sure she’s okay. I did one of those minor trips with her today – just an hour. That didn’t take up any of my full day’s allotment of productive hours.

Neither did breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

At one point, a neighbor had me go across to his home. He just got a new sofa and loveseat and wanted to show me his old one, to see if I wanted it or if I knew someone who could use it – free. It’s very nice. Not for me, though. I need a fabric covered sofa – that way I can spray a repellent on it to keep kitty from scratching. The free set is barely used – black (either vinyl or leather) and with those puffy arms and pillowy backs. I came home and sent out a bunch of emails and made a few calls to let folks know. Again, nothing of real importance and barely an hour used up.

I did manage to finish two hanging-towels I  made as thank-you’s for a friend who did me a favor – all except for the buttons. But again, barely two hours here.

Underneath this concern over an unproductive day is the fact that once again, I am trying to avoid feeling fearful about my last two bills of the moth. Each time I think I can make it, something comes up. This time it was the smog check and the issues and repairs and the registration. I managed to get that done and I am so, so grateful for that.

Well, the day is almost done now and going over it now, like I just did, still doesn’t show me that I’ve done anything of worth.

Father, I am not your most productive or useful child. Help me to do better tomorrow. I pray for guidance so that I might accomplish what you need of me – I realize you have things you hope each of us do each day. I pray for help to better meet those needs tomorrow.    

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Smiling Widely Tonight

Many of you know the troubles I’ve been running into trying to get my old car to pass the smog check this year. 

Well, today, thanks to my mechanic and his guys, it finally passed. Not only that, with all that we tried and worked on, I ended up getting a new gas cap, and my Service Engine Soon light no longer comes on – that has been a problem for years. This time, one of the guys found that the sensor’s wiring was frayed and he fixed that. My friend calls it the Spend More Money light – he might be right.
I guess I was too excited over this and smiled TOO widely because this evening, my troublesome lower dentures broke in half (again), so they are sitting tonight, waiting for the super glue to set.
And I guess I was giggling too much in joy and got clumsy because when I went to change Silkie’s litter pan, half of the litter (the clean stuff, thank goodness) spilled all over the pantry floor.
So, my car is good for another year, my dentures are good for hopefully another month, and kitty’s bathroom is clean again for another week or two.

Not a bad day.   </MainPage>

Monday, April 13, 2015

Worried About Two Friends of Mine

Tonight I am very worried about two friends of mine. Both ladies have been married “forever” to their guys and I love both couples.

One gal will heal. She broke her left arm bowling and I’m praying it will heal before a planned trip across the country in June.

The other one really has me worried. She has just found out that her kidneys are only working at 25% capacity. She’s very concerned that this might mean dialysis. This woman has been a loving caregiver for her husband for years now. She does not need this trouble on top of those that this couple already bears. 

Please, if you have a spare moment, offer a wee prayer for them?

Father, you know how I feel about these two women. Please watch over the one and help her heal easily and quickly. For the other, with the more serious issues, I ask for love and compassion and mercy from you on behalf of this loving and devoted couple  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

USPS Delayed Delivery Problems

I am beginning to get annoyed by the USPS these days. I have had several shipments delivered very, very late this year.

Two of these were earlier, and Priority Mail. But I made excuses and simmered down my anger and annoyance level because I tried to take East Coast storms into account.

However, just this month, I had a problem. I shipped a very lightweight bubble envelope via First Class mail. It shipped the 4th. It said it would be delivered the 7th. BUT it still has not arrived. The buyer, waiting for the little envelope, contacted me today. I just checked tracking and it says, simply, it was “delayed” and is now on its way to its destination. 

This is a real problem for anyone doing business by normal mail. There is no other option and we are at the mercy of the USPS in these cases. 

In my case, most of these went from NV to the East Coast, but right now, there are no storms to cause this latest delay.

I wonder if I’m the only one having issues like these?