Friday, January 30, 2015

Prayers Answered Before Being Asked

  This morning I knew I needed to pick up the newest addition to my cataract surgery post-op eye drop schedule but I wasn’t sure of the cost. This now makes 4 different bottles of drops a day, on a rather interesting and varied schedule. I decided to call the pharmacy, just before Noon, after my Friday morning charity crafting session. These drops are important because they found that the eye is more swollen inside than should be.

When I called, they told me it would be $23.65 because these drops are not covered by my insurance. They said that I could pick them up anytime after 3 p.m. The timing wasn’t a problem - it meant that at least I could get 2 doses in today before bed time.

When I hung up from the call, however, I sat there wondering where I'd get the money. I'd managed to pay all my bills on time and I tithe early in the month, but I had no spare cash. 

Less than an hour later, I was checking emails and noticed my Etsy shop’s item count was down by one and I checked my shop. It said I sold my "mile-a-minute" scarf for $35. 

The Lord answered a prayer that I hadn't even had time to ask - I now had enough for the Rx plus a little for gas for the car to hold me until my SSA on the 3rd. How incredible is that?

Father, we hear it said, time and again, that you answer our needs when they arise. Thank you so much for doing that again, today. And thank you for doing it so quickly that I didn’t even need to ask you. I praise you and am happy and grateful to be able to share the news of your mercy and goodness.      

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Do We Want Something More When We Know We Can’t Have It?

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight. I had no worries about my cataract surgery today, but fasting always does a job on me. Tell me I can’t drink anything at all after a certain time of night and the worry sets in. I’m always afraid I will unconsciously grab some water somewhere during the night. There’s no danger if I’m fully awake. But I am a sipper during the night. I always keep a recycled 1 liter bottle by the bed for that reason (but not last night, of course). And I get up during the night for quick restroom trips. That’s when I’m in danger. I get up to let water out, and then I usually put water back in. 

All went well. Since I wasn’t even due to arrive until Noon, I kept myself busy in the morning so I wouldn’t be tempted. But, when they let me loose, wow, was I thirsty and hungry. They did give me some juice (I chose apple) and it was cold and wonderfully wet. The straw didn’t have a chance. I drank that so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get an ice-cream-headache.

Back to the middle of the night. Isn’t it odd that when someone tells us we can’t have something, that’s when we want it even more? I guess we never outgrow that contradiction.

Back to normal tomorrow. Looking forward to it.  

Good News About 2 Friends and Myself

Second cataract surgery went easier than first - of course, that genetic risk factor wasn’t present on this one. Post-op checkup tomorrow and final one end of February. I have to mention that I had the best IV “sticks” ever - two different nurses but in each case, on the top of my hand (hate those!). And each time, I didn’t even feel the insertion. I should have taken their names  and asked if they ever work “out.” It’s such a treat to not have someone probe or fish with a needle.

My friend with the double pneumonia might come home on Saturday. Her daughter will come and stay with her for a week to be sure Mom is okay to be alone. They are giving her very intensive physical therapy. She’s got aches from all that work but she says in a way, it is good. They might need to send her home with oxygen. I pray that is not necessary. Very few I know went home with it and were able to get off of it. But she’s made her peace with that possibility. She’s just so happy to look forward to coming home soon. This was a long bout - she’s been in there since the 17th.

And my other friend came through the neck disk (disc?) surgery and was actually out for a ride today with her daughter doing the driving. I know that must have been a good feeling for her. She has a little ways to go, also, as far as recovery goes. The therapy in that case will, I’m sure, be painful but necessary. 

So, this is a thank you for all your prayers, my friends. You are wonderful. I will keep you all in my own heart and prayers, as well.

Father, thank you for your compassion and mercy in these lives. Please continue to heal them each, in their own way, in as easy a manner as possible.    

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Prayers for Inanimate Issues

It’s funny how we rarely talk about prayers for non-living issues. We’ll talk about prayers for people, pets, and such. But I imagine almost everyone has, at one time or another, said a prayer that their car would start just one more time so they could get to the repair shop. Or perhaps they’ll pray that the snow will stop long enough for them to get to work or the store. Or, as in my case today, that I could finish my monthly community newsletter print run without further page-wrinkling and crinkling.

Each monthly run is for about 400+ sets of 6 sides (3 sheets, both sides). My output tray is small so I must do it in batches of 32 or 48 so I can keep track easily of how many I’ve done. Anyhow, after the 2nd or 3rd batch, it started crinkling - badly. Last month, it happened a few times toward the end of the run. I thought perhaps the cheaper grade of paper I had been using was getting more flimsy. So this month, I bought a slightly better grade. Apparently that was not the issue.

I emailed my go-to printer-wizard. He suspects the paper is skewing inside the machine. I need to get it looked at. This must be done before next month’s run. It is under warranty. 

It’s just that it takes time - getting in touch with them, finding out whether it will be done locally or must be shipped out. And fitting it in between other matters.

Tomorrow is my left-eye cataract surgery, then the next day is the post-op checkup, and Thursday I staple all the newsletters, and Friday is my charity crafters, and Sunday I deliver my route (about 50) of them, and Monday I have a quick checkup at my primary care guy’s office which was already scheduled.

Having these things running through my mind while the paper was crinkling and wrinkling, I was very grateful that my printer-guy ended our call with a real prayer for this to go right for me. I suspect he’s got an “in” with the Lord because at least it all got done. There will be a little waste because I must swap out flat pages for bumpy ones, but all in all, it did get done with not too much trouble. There was a lot of stress, though, and that’s my fault because I delayed turning it over to the Lord.

Father, we all know we can come to you for anything, for any help we need in our lives here on earth. Forgive me for not thinking of praying to you myself early on and for allowing myself to stress over the printer troubles. Thank you for my friend and for his prayers on my behalf - bless him abundantly for caring. And continue to remind me to come to you when I need to do so.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Am I The Only Strange One? About Christmas...

I think most folks would think I am very strange. I hate to let go of the Christmas season and its joy. 

For example, right now, at 8:30 at night, writing this post and starting the shut-down routine for the night (brush the cat, feed the cat, denture duty, write notes for tomorrow, etc.), I have a CD in the PC tower playing a set of Christmas songs by Country Stars. And, please don’t tell anyone, I am singing along with them. “Joy to the world...mmm...mmm...”

I don’t think I’m totally alone, though.

I do remember someone in my past (and now it will torment until I remember who she was) who deliberately had an artificial tree set up, ornaments, lights and all, and a mantle, and a nativity, all set up (are you ready for this?) in a closet. This way, she told me, whenever she felt “low,” all she had to do was open that closet and get an instant “joy” fix.

I’m not quite that bad. But I do admit to having one small nativity always in my line of vision in the living room on the top of the desk, among the other fave items displayed up there. It’s one of those little all-one-piece models, smaller than a cigar box. Now, don’t tell me I’m so old that I’m the only one who remembers how big a cigar box is.

So, for now, I will keep writing, and checking my email, and finishing up my monthly edition of our senior mobile home community newsletter, and humming and singing (“...the stars are brightly shining. It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth...mmmm....mmmm").

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming here and taking on human form. I don’t want to ever forget that you understand so well what our humanity means, our troubles but also our joys. And joyful music and joyful celebrations (like celebrating your birth at Christmas) are some of the most pleasant of human pleasures.