Friday, May 22, 2015

Las Vegas Earthquake - Not to Worry

It was only a 5.4, a few hundred miles away from Las Vegas but it did jiggle doors and keys on hooks and fridge bottles and little things like that. And it DID scare the daylights out of my little Silkie! So, not to worry - to someone like me who lived in southern CA for 15 years (Torrance), this was like a heavy truck rolling down the road - no more shaking than the Fed Ex guys cause when they roar through our senior mobile home park...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Not as Productive as Yesterday but Not Bad

I did spend a couple of hours with a friend of mine, keeping her company. 

Still, I was able to fit in a load of laundry, took a shower, changed my bed linens, picked up some things I needed at the store while out with my friend, and finished a baby blankie for our charity crafting group. On that blanket, I had about 1/3 to finish and then I did the edging. 

I hope to take some photos this weekend. In the midst of yesterday’s de-cluttering, I found where I put my digital camera – in a drawer, with its cord – and I remember now that a month ago I decided to begin keeping in a safe and dependable place. Go figure – never put anything in a safe place - it's too hard to find it again.

A couple I miss a lot (they moved out of state two years ago) passed through the mobile home park today, too. They stopped at just a few homes, grabbed a quick hug, and rolled off again. It was great seeing them; but it was far too swift a visit (sigh).

So, I can at least look back and see where I’ve done a little. 

Tomorrow is taken up in the morning with our charity crafting session. I don’t usually do much Friday afternoons because of that. So Saturday will be my next effort at continuing this do-a-little-each-day even if just for an hour at a time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Accomplished a Little Today

Yesterday I wrote about how I’d like to develop a habit of tackling some big projects by doing just an hour a day – doing it a little at a time. I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in being able to start it right away. My history with self-promises is not all that great.

Still, I managed to do a little. And, it was about an hour. 

My pantry has the washer and dryer on one side, and a wonderful counter on the other. Under the wonderful counter is where the kitty’s bathroom is. Above both the appliances and the wonderful counter, across from each other, is a wonderful batch of cabinets.

But, on TOP of the appliances, and all over the counter, is a not-so-wonderful collection of “stuff.” When I want to do a washload, I must move that stuff to a spot I manage to make bare by pushing stuff on the wonderful counter together, then it goes back the next day. When  I want to use the crockpot (on that wonderful counter), I move that stuff over to the tops of the appliances so the heat from the crockpot doesn’t affect it.

Anyway, today, I managed to clear off almost all the “stuff” from the tops of the appliances. I can actually see the knobs and controls. The only things left up there are two clear shoe-box style containers with all my batteries plus a small stack of magazines that I am reading each evening. 

The batteries will go inside one of those wonderful cabinets tomorrow.

The magazines will go into “something” as yet undetermined, to a place as yet undetermined. I read those while outside the door in the evening, sitting at the top of my back steps. 

So, surprisingly, I did accomplish something today.

Oh, and the “stuff” I removed went ‘places.’ Some went into a box that is slowly filling for the shed; some went where it was supposed to go; and a small amount actually was torn up and tossed away. Not bad.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Small Chunks of Time Eventually Add Up

I often hear myself complaining, to myself, about not having large enough chunks of time to do this or that. 

I sorely need to de-clutter and re-organize in here. The Lord has seen fit to make me an informal “distribution center.” It’s not anything of value – except to those who need what folks trust me to find “homes” for. Still when it comes in, it often comes in big batches and I end up tossing it here or there and there it sits.

I also need to defrost my upright freezer – big time. You don’t want to know how thick the ice is in that thing. It’s the household chore I dislike most. But since I must depend on slow-cooker meals to extend my non-existent food budget, I need that poor old freezer to stay healthy.

And there are other things – things that I tell myself will take at least a whole day and that means not leaving the house for a whole day. That rarely happens these days.

Today I took hold of my stuck-in-a-rut (task-wise) self. I thought back to times when I made myself agree to just one hour on this, or one hour on that. I remember happily how much I accomplished with de-cluttering in even just that short a time-slot.

So, rather than constantly telling myself that I don’t have whole days to do this-and-that, I must start telling myself to take one hour “today” and tackle this-or-that for just one hour. 

But I will need help, divine help – I am not usually eager to do these things.

Sweet Jesus, you lived here on earth. Your family had far less than we have in today’s world, possession-wise. Yet I am sure that you saw clutter, knew friends and family and loved ones with clutter. I’m sure that back then, time was even scarcer for household chores than it is now because of the lack of time-savers. Please glance my way and bless me with the grace and encouragement to develop good new habits to get this place organized however the Father wishes it to be. And bless me with the grace to do it happily. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Reality of the Power of Prayer

This morning I sent an email to a private prayer list. This is a group of my dear friends. They are always in my own prayers and many of them are in worse situations than I am in. We pray for each other. 

This morning, I did feel the need for some extra prayer power. Within two hours of sending that email, my prayers were answered. My heart aches for some of my friends, though, who are still waiting for answers to their own prayers.

Back to my note.

In my email, I did mention that I was giving details of my reason for the prayer request. I have learned that there are two different schools of thought on how to pray. 

Some of my friends ask for specifics. 
Others, like me, ask for patience while waiting on God to work out the solution to the problem.

I have personal reasons for my own approach. It might not be the right one for other folks, but it is right for me. 

If I pray for specifics, I can easily be disappointed if I do not receive the solution in the way I expect. I am all too human and all too limited in my scope of what to expect.

However, when I pray for patience while waiting for Him to work it out, I am never disappointed. Eventually, I see the answer. Many times, it is totally different than expected. But with an open mind, I see it and am very grateful for it.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for answering my prayers today, and those of my friends. I am grateful for your help. Thank you for the open mind that allowed me to see the answer easily even though it wasn’t what I expected. Meanwhile, please bless my friends in whatever way they need your help. And, help them with the grace to be patient and understanding while the Father works out the details for them. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bookmarks Coming from my Busy Person’s Prayer Book

Quite a few years ago, I had a dream of publishing a book filled with helpful little 4-line prayers. I managed to get one self-published, the Busy Person's Prayer Book

My dream, however, was to also get those little prayers to as many folks as possible, to anyone who wanted them – and, to do it at a very low price. The self-published paperback, however, because of how print-on-demand works, costs too much for it to be really effective. In seven years, I’ve only sold about 40 of them. I’ve given away a dozen or so. 

Meanwhile, I keep writing a prayer here, and one there, depending on my needs and concerns. 

Suddenly, yesterday, I realized that I have been overlooking one very obvious way of getting those prayers into an everyday buyer’s hands, at a low price – digital bookmarks! Even after I offer them as a digital download, it will be easy to print them, laminate them (now that I have a neat little low-cost laminating machine), and add a ribbon. So, I can offer them both ways. And cheaply.

Hopefully, I’ll start with two sets – one will include prayers for dealing with four of our most common daily concerns and issues. The other set will concern not ourselves, but others. 

The odd thing about this epiphany of mine is that I have been searching for my digital camera for almost two weeks in this double-wide mobile. I have things I wanted to photograph and put into my Etsy shop. 

This morning, I realized that maybe He has been holding the camera back, waiting for me to take charge of our prayers (I say “ours” because many of them did not come from me, but from Him). I would almost bet that once I create those first bookmarks and put them in the shop, I will suddenly find that camera, and in a very obvious place.

They say everything happens no according to our timing, but according to His. I believe it. Back when I first self-published that book, I did not know about Etsy. I did not have the bookmark template I have now. And I did not know some other things, then, that I do now. 

I guess the time has come.